Sarah Silverman CNN Interview

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13 Responses to Sarah Silverman CNN Interview

  1. Justin Anthony Knapp says:

    I’m not seeing anything in either Firefox or Chrome. :-/

  2. Justin Anthony Knapp says:

    Oh wait!

  3. ficklepickle says:

    Sarah, you have a good heart.

  4. Rosen says:

    The more you hear Sarah explain/express things, the more you can see how genuine she can be.

    And, I do see where she is coming on marriage being too much like a country club, since it takes a lot of orchestrated timing and effort, where it can essentially be regarded as an overrated standardized social institution. But, it all depends on how 2 people really take the time to get to know each other. What I don’t see, however, is how marriage can be like a country club excluding blacks and Jews since many traditional marriages consist of 2 people who are ethnically similar such as 2 black people marrying or 2 Jews marrying. Hence, marriage should be a mutual bond between two consenting people who hopefully are making a choice in making smart love, as opposed to blind love, and we know how all too often love can be blind. We either love the one who we are with (mutually) or go on our merry way. I know love doesn’t conquer all and that marriage isn’t the finish line to a good, mutual relationship. Good thing we have free will to either opt in or out of certain relationships (and do I sound like Mr./Ms. Loneliheart??).

  5. Bloo says:

    I just watched Sarah Silverman on Bill Maher’s web short thought she was (cute) funny. Here (still cute) not so funny. I don’t see why people would see her as dirty; twisted and shallow maybe, but not dirty. It sure would’ve been nice to hear the questions she was answering because I couldn’t tell where she was going with the not for everybody and that’s ok bit. Just saying it would have made more sense if we could have heard the question. The deal with the not liking jokes about fat women and that of only finding GOD when it’s convenient I think, made here sound like a hypocrite. She goes on about equal rights but doesn’t she realize that not all fat men in “white America” deserves love; as she put it. Only fat RICH men deserve love in “White America”. That’s the same “White America” that thinks RICH fat women also deserves love. I mean come on let us be honest… How many poor fat white men do you see getting loved here in “White America”? Know what I’m saying? I did agree with her remarks about Marriage and found it a tad bit moving. By the way Rosen, Huh? The symbolism refers to gay rights and equal treatment to all. So I guess you don’t see where she is coming from on marriage. By the way where do you come from… cuz I don’t want to be going to close… lol Lastly let me just add, it was Blind faith in the last President that screwed so much up in the first place… do we really want to use that tactic again. I think maybe consider eyes like a hawk faith this time, don’t you?

  6. colin says:

    sarah is so cute i cant control it she is like my dream girl so pretty and expressive. she definitely has lots of dirty jokes but i think its obvious she is very sweet and some people get offended too easily and dont notice. also marriage is stupid cause its like saying i love you to someone in front of people and writing it on paper but i dont care what people think. if sarah was my girl though i would want her just to wear a ring so stupid assholes are less likely to hit on her.

  7. Alexandre says:

    So…today I learn that Sarah sleeps 7,2 hours a day, same here…thats cool!

    Hey Justin try Opera its free you know?!!

  8. Saandy(CHOCOLATEEYE14) says:

    I love her smile!and her boobs!

  9. Alexa says:

    Sarah is really smart i have a lot of respect for her

  10. Drew says:

    She is an idiot, oh she can be racist (ie. Conan Obrian Show) but lets not talk about fat women??????

  11. Allison says:

    I see what sarah is saying about marriage if you don’t believe it is a religious ceremony. however, in my religion, marriage is not only religous a reliogious ceremony, we consider it a sacrament.

  12. Stephen S. says:

    If Sarah were fat I’d still want her to stub he vagina on me.
    I like her quite a bit.

  13. Valerie says:

    I listened to your interview with Terry Gross. I am a Jew who is offended and repulsed by your anti-semitic comments. You are a self hating Jew who is not funny. The fact that you can make comments about the Holocaust (six million lost their lives, do you think that’s funny???) and degrading “jokes” about Jews is shameful. Read Jewish history, learn about what being Jewish has meant for the many who lost their lives to people spouting anti-semitism. Shame on you!

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