Most Inappropriate Moments from SSP

Here is a montage of inappropriate clips from the first 2 seasons of The Sarah Silverman Program.

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  1. Well Ms. Silverman,

    It’s me Elvis Costello the Third. It’s been a while since we have spoken. This hotel they have me staying in is like…like…if you were staying at the Queens house. Everyone walks around following you with their nonverbal communication. I would rather be at the Disneyland Hotel where they have Chip and Dales. Ok have to go get ready for a big night on the town of doing nothing but sit and my room with the tv off because I can’t watch tv anymore. It annoys me. Thank you for listening as always. Your friend and mine. The late great Christina Aguilara.

    Elivis Costello The Third.

  2. dphunkt says:

    finally got some form of channel service back, just in time for the new season. love the promos with Sarah and Dimetri(sp?) – i think the shows are a great pairing. i hope no segments come between them. this was a scary montage though. while not the best of the best, inappropriate moments are never better than with Sarah! <3

  3. Stephen S. says:

    Looking forward to the new season… {hopefully no one will spoil the future suprises.}

  4. Buck Naked says:

    Sarah, Speaking as someone who attended twelve years of Catholic school and who was a strong defender of Catholic dogma for many years, I have to say this about your idea: If the Vatican sold off all of their holdings to feed the poor of the world, then where would they get all the money they need to pay off the families of the children who are molested by priests? See, as a Catholic, you have to think of this stuff.

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