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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Here is video of Sarah Silverman and Adam Lambert presenting at last night’s Critics Choice Awards.

Click on photo to play.

13 Responses to “Sarah Silverman and Adam Lambert Love Penis”

Pah, not available outside the US. I really hate that. And what’s the point anyway? I can see them pursuing this policy for actual TV shows, that will air quite some time after the original US air date in other countries. But for a clip like that?

lol, ty for posting, sarah is the best. for reals.

I love Sarah, but not last night. The awards show may have been really lame, but Sarah’s bit was not up to even her standards. We know she is straight and loves penis – is was never a question. I hope the little girl in the audience does not get penis envy as a result!

Abby, it was in reference to Adam being gay and how people have negatively responded to him liking penis.

no fair, Brits can’t see it. :[

I understand in the context she was joking, but my penis cheered up a little.

Watch it in Youtube, search: sarah silverman adam lambert

It’s not hard to search the internet when you have Google and Youtube ;)

@K: At the time it was added, it wasn’t uploaded to any video service yet. ;)

Then you have to be patient, like europeans are :D

Shes da best!!!

Sarah, why can I NOT see any of your web clips in Hungary? Are we, Hungarian fascists by your opinion or what? If you do not like Hungarians, then why can I see you via legal TV in this “bad”, by you, country?

That’s soooo hot

Adam lambert is really really HOT!!!!!!!!

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