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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Sarah’s plan to feed the entire world as featured on Real Time with Bill Maher.

125 Responses to “Sell the Vatican, Feed the World”

If you’d make t-shirts that said, “Sell the Vatican, Feed the World,” I’d so buy it!

Saw this on Real Time last week. Given how corrupt the Vatican can be with their skelatons in the closet, they could sure show some decency by selling itself away and redistributing the wealth to the poor and middle/working class. I’m not sure if the Vatican has ever really made an official apology to those they did wrong attempting to justify it by what Christianity “teaches” with the crusades, the inquisition, the Holocaust, etc. Jesus, whether he existed or not, was never such a rich man or king that would envision such an institution would be established because some say he hated rich people. Also, the Jews have good reason not to believe in Jesus because even though he may have performed miracles, that does not make him God, the son of God, or the Messiah – despite that he taught some good ideals.

T-SHIRT! I would wear it on my next trip to Rome!!

I’m a devoted member of SS online and yet we got this brilliant piece days after it went viral. We should have seen it first!

ALSO when is the SSP Season two Volume Two going to be released?

Lastly,who would buy the Vatican. Can’t we just go to that person and get him to feed the world? Or does he have to have that hat?

Today I was in a bad mood, but after watching you (although my English is not allowed me to understand everything you said at the end), the day for me has changed. You’re truly a genius.

Gee Sarah, how about we get all the rich hollywood jews to sell their Mercedes’s and Malibu homes too! At least that way you can be an equal opportunity basher you pathetic jewess pos.

Watch it Zion. Delete this hater SSO.

Sell the Vatican not that funny, think of it as sell half of Israel feed the world. Something funny would be a SS T-shirtd in the style of the nazi SS but with Sarah Silverman under it now that’s funny insulting a religion is not funny that’s how wars start.

I find this video very ironic…because the vatican does feed the world. catholic charities such as CRS work in many facets of social justice to end the evils of poverty. Workers provide education, financial training, build infrastructure and distribute food and medical supplies. Donors give millions of dollars of aid, WITHOUT evangelization. There are many other christian and secular charities helping people regardless of their race or religion but the catholic church, because of its immense size, is able to reach more people in more places. Check out USAID.gov to see whos really improving foreign relations. That being said, kudos to you sarah for bringing up an important issue on bill mahers frivolous show.

Whether meant as a joke or not, I found Sarah’s speech inspirational. Never be afraid to call someone out on religious hypocrisy. Thank you, Sarah. You’ve won my heart.

We want t-shirts too!! Tempted to have some made up but don’t want to infringe upon Sarah’s rights especially if she has something in the works. Anyone know about such things?

I congratulate Sarah Silverman, that is Raël is saying for thirty years
“If tomorrow the pope took to the road as a pauper, the Church would be revived (…) for that to happen, the men of the Vatican should set an example by selling all their treasures to help finance under developed countries” The Message from the designers page 78 : rael.org

Hey Sarah, ever hear the bible verse about he without sin, cast the first stone? What is your rich ass doing to feed the world’s hungry? Jesus also said that the world would always have the poor. Where are your works? Maybe you can team up with Team Obama with your hollow words, run for elected office and lie to everybody like Barack & Company does. You might even win a Nobel Prize! :-)

Seriously funny stuff, pitched perfectly.
As Bill said the other night when it first aired, you shocked them and brought them back in. Comedic genius,really a nice deft touch.

And for all the people posting here, on YouTube, etc, etc,, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY/OFFENSIVE/WHATEVER,, it’s supposed to make you think, which, perhaps you might want to try after descending from your respective high horses.

Bigotry never gets positive results. And that is all that you have here with the liberals in Hollywood. I would challenge the elite of Hollywood to start practicing the Cardinal virtues of Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance & yes, Justice. There is so little of these in their little bubble worlds. Character assassination is all they know & practice. Another trait is that they always must have the last word on issues.

Pure Genius!!! Sarah, you should get a Nobel Prize.

I see this everyday now – some religions are so easily ridiculed, while making any comments on some other ones is basically prohibited. As a Jew, you’re expected to have some understanding about just how important the Vatican is to Catholics around the world. You belittled it. I wonder how you and your family would react if someone spat on your religion in public. I am not saying that you don’t have a right to comment like this. All I’m saying is that there shouldn’t be double-standards among Jews in the US. The belittling of our President, of our country, and of various religions is fine with you, while saying anything OBJECTIVELY against Jewish driven policies (Iraq war, possible invasion of Iran, helping israel not to ever get punished for all the bloodshed, etc) makes one an anti-semite. We gotta watch our mouths when we’re about to say something negative about that stuff, while we can sit there and just hear others spit on various cultures and religions. Hypocrisy in its purest form.

And in response to another comment regarding accusations of the Vatican being corrupt, take a look at what the israeli govt officials recently and in the past, have been and continue to be accused of. Again, hypocrisy in its purest form.

If we really want to get to the bottom of this hunger issue. What we have in the U.S. is 90% of the money possessed by 10% of the rich (Jews). If they would give 10% of their money to the poor the world hunger problem would be over. But that will never happen.

Until today,I never heard of Sarah Silverman.I have a very good friends who are Jewish and they never mentioned you.Perhaps,they are embarrassed.Who wouldn’t be?You talk with your garbage mouth and sadly enough some people find you funny.Who makes you an expert on anything?Whenever my kids are on the internet and I hear fowl language,they have leave the sight.The Catholic people whether in the missionaries of the church help feed the poor all over the world.What are Jews like you doing?I hope people boycott you.Be careful of what you say about the Pope and the Church,or your eternal life will be Hell.

On the whole, [rich] Jews are more likely to give their 10% to charity and helping the poor than the Vatican would sell itself away. I’m sure Sarah again is being her typical fecitious self. Indeed, hypocrisy in general can amount to anyone given our human nature.

I have an even BETTER idea Sarah.. You’re gonna love this one.. How about we instead sell Israel back to the Arabs! I am sure we could get a great price if we hock that occupied piece of real-estate back to the Oil Sheiks.

Israel, though sacrificed land including the Gaza strip and the West Bank, is not likely going to sell the whole smidge of land in the Middle East due to its historical significance just as much as the Vatican will most likely never sell itself away. As for getting facts right on the Middle East go to http://www.camera.org. BTW, there isn’t really an occupation in Gaza and the West Bank because the Israelis have compromised much more than the Palestinians. If the Palestinians really wanted their own statehood, they can use that time and energy more constructively instead of blaming Israel for the “occupation”…One way they blame Israel for the occupation is with their secret medium called “Pallywood.” – Just look it up in the search engine on Youtube…All in all, things hardly do change in the world!


Your not funny and should be ashamed to make those comments. God forbid anyone ask other religions or political parties to do something. It would be unheard of! Do your research… Catholic Church has many organizations who help and feed the poor.

Respect the religion please. Hope you get no success!

Wow! so in response to valid objections to sarah’s so-called thoughtful, but in reality – hateful with a smile, message, you ask the objectors to go to CAMERA???? Hillarious! Boy is that in itself an unbiased publication!

and the old argument of palestinians not being constructive, is not valid as with the land that your israel (which sucks $3 – $4 billion from us tax payers every year … which by the way, we pay involuntarily) took from palestinians is not even close in terms of size to the pre-1968 war. how da f*** do you think israelis got the land to begin with? terrorism!!!! yes, even your special people can do bad things. go and read about your stern gang and the irguns (to which Rahm Israel Emanuel’s father belonged) and how they bombed mkt places and buses to scare palestinians out of their homes and back up their sales pitch to the british.

i wonder if any of us Americans would be able to be constructive or productive if all of our freedom is taken away. if no resources are allowed to come in through the borders. if we have to spend 6 hrs per day just abiding by the security measures implemented by israel. if suddenly we have lost half of our farms while settlements have expanded (against any UN charter or resolution) to make room for those that ‘belonged’ to this land, like the ones from russia and the ones that were purposefully ‘imported’ … talking about ethiopian jews … the ones that can never get to the highest level or ranking of a rabbi.

yeah, all the media this and media that. its the media here that is misleading. may God bless the BBC.

you put the word occupation in paranthesese? hillarious. amazing that throughout world history, people of literally all kinds, all religions, all ethnicities, have had problems with jewish people. i don’t know about you, but there’s only one constant in that equation.

What goes around comes around! However, the Jewish people have historically been more persecuted than any other kind in history from such baseless hatred and trying to justify it by accusations of money control and the death of Jesus. Why don’t such people who criticize and demonize the Jewish people ever try to fit in THEIR shoes for a certain amount of time and the anti-semitism and oppression they’ve been through? Indeed, scapegoating goes hand-in-hand with original sin.

first off, i’m not anti-jewish. i am against certain policies of israel, which of course impact us greatly … and greatly in a negative way. there is no question that our foreign policies are influenced, if not driven, by israeli interests (policies with which most regular israelis probably disagree).

now … why don’t you put yourself in palestinian shoes – suddenly someone tells you to move out of your home, you have no law enforcement or legal officials to trun to. after the ‘warning’ your home becomes invaded and you suddenly see all of these people from another continent move in and build over yor private farm/land. promises of so-called compensation, which you had no choice but to accept, are made … but not fulfilled. what would you do?

how about this? you’re here in the US and someone breaks into your house and tells you and your family to get out. you can’t turn to the police of the govt. i bet you most of us would go and pick up our reifles and tell the mofo to get da f*** off of our properties.

what is hidden by this media is the CAUSE of such bloodshed in the middle east, which is the unjustified taking of people’s land. the lying, making and signing phony contracts, scaring people out of their homes while at the same time making them think you’re helping them … this crap is never talked about. It must be discussed because although i will not justify any terrorist act, i do accept the fact that the palestinians got screwed. and they keep gettiing screwed by this media.

by the way, this is all besides the point … which is that sarah silverman did not show respect to another religion. and its amazing that although given the huge efforts made by jews to minimize at least the jewish-hatred dialogue among people, jews do not hesitate in belittling others. then again when you’ve got the ADL and so much influence in the media … direct influence, i guess that’s what you’d do … be a hypocrite.

by the way, one of your fellow jewish people wrote this column a while back for the LA Times … interesting as it has a tone of “ha ha ha I told all of you … all non-jews … all that I usually automatically assume that you hate me … I told all of you that I control everything now … haha.” Go ahead, read the article – http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-stein19-2008dec19,0,4676183.column

that insecurity, which i think is present in many of you (for valid reasons … but they must be overcome) can and will create you more enemies than friends.

Religions don’t deserve respect. So, why would anyone find fault with Sarah for not showing any? Sarah, I support you all the way!

Why doesn’t Sarah lead by example and sell off her property and possesions.

Demandes a tes amis de NYC (rabbin Levy Izhak Rosenbaum), ceux qui prennent les organes des pauvres s’ils peuvent te rendre ce service, … demande a tsahal, ceux qui enlevent les organes des enfants palestiniens s’ils peuvent t’aider !!

Et penses aussi a te laver la bouche, tu craches du venin !


Ask your friends to NYC (Rabbi Izhak Levy Rosenbaum), who take the bodies of the poor if you can make this service … Calls to the IDF (TSAHAL), who carry off the bodies of Palestinian children if they can help you!

And think also has to wash the mouth, you spit venom!

I love how every one called you a hypocrite. That’s good enough for me. Ha ha!!! How does it feel to be one. That’s funny how more people are against you than for you. Love it!!


i am Catholic, and i do believe that sarah has the right to say what she wants to. i also think she is very funny. however, i do not think she understands completely all that the Catholic Church does for humanitarian efforts. the CRS is a Catholic charity that aids in over 100 countries around the world. also, in the Church i go to we donate money to different relif and charity organizations almost every week. the Vatican may be worth 500 billion dollars, i am not saying the Church needs all this money. however, there are over 1 billion Catholics world wide, so an accumulation of that amount of money isn’t that substational for such a large religion, althoug ht e amount is substantial. i think the Vatican should donate money, in the billions, to charity, but to sell the whole Vatican is something that i think is very offensive. that is the place where Catholics around the world congregate and where many of our religious leaders live. our Pope and other religious leaders dedicate their lives to helping and serving others and helping us with our faith. i am not saying that there are no corrupt individuals in my faith, but the vast majority of them are not. plus, alot of the money the Vatican has goes towards the upkeep of our Churchs, missions, monestaries, etc.

Sarah, I do agree with you that “RELIGIONS” not the Vatican alone, have made a lot of mistakes. That is why, I can criticize some of your proposal. While the Vatican might be the most “exposed” of religions in the Western Hemisphere, it is no the only one possessing a great wealth, and thus not the only one that should be required to take some action. Yes you are right, all those Michelangelos and thousands of accumulated over centuries works of art must be really valuable, besides the commercial value of their centuries old churches. However, we should be fair and take a look at other churches, like the Mormons that invest thousands of billions of Dollars in buying commercial areas for business (look for the note on the web), other Christian Religions that possess interests in Real Estate all across America, Hotels, Hospitals (and they do not allow Christians to enter their hospitals for free to help the world precisely). Anyway, I agree with you, Religions in general should do something to share their wealth with their flock, not keep it with themselves. But we should be fair in saying it is not the Vatican alone.

Wow…you’re just another ignorant chick on TV.

Let’s be honest for a change:

I guess it is no surprise to hear that Sarah Silverman ( a Jew) is attacking the Catholic Church (I am not a Catholic). If she really is interested in feeding the poor – one doubts her sincerity, given the foolishness of her comments, there is a nice Jewish family who has the wealth and wherewithall to actually do the job and have plenty of cash to spare – the Rothschilds.

I agree with that idea to sell de Vatican. My religion chief Maitraya Raël says that for more than 20 years. Bravo Sarah, I love you!

Why doesn’t Israel give back the money (that has never been given) destined to the holocauste-survivors ? 285.000.000€ each year for years from Germany. At last this money would be used descently.

Or the$ given each years by the US ?

Is Israel a third-world country ?

Well, I love this. The Vatican denies poor and HIV infected women birth control and forbids even American women abortions. The more poor Catholic children and impoverished women the better for these perverted old men in their gold encrusted palaces. Charity does not come close to the damage they do on a daily basis. Most male oriented religions use women for their greatest source of wealth. But none so glaringly wealthy as il Vaticano and il papa, and few as politically powerful as the vatican. If it wasn’t so sad to see what these men do to the lives of women it would be completely funny. Consider the damages to women by the sexually frustrated Catholics and Muslims. Jews have nothing to do with this.

With their hang up on their sexual freedom (if you call slavery freedom) Women’s Lib. and Planned Parenthood have either directly or indirectly caused the death of over 25 million baby girls since 1972 in America with their support of a woman’s “right to choose” death over life for her unborn baby. Now who would you say causes the most harm to women?

Very glad that I’m not your Mother, the
shame you bring. I hope one day you
grown up and do something worthwhile
with your life before it too late.

Yeah, way to go Sarah… No better way to show how much you hate christians ;-)
Known raceist strikes again.
This is nothing but a lame provocation. How many Jewish people should be judged on their envolment in envolment on Russian masacres in Gulags?
Or how about nazi law that forbides mariage beetwen Jews and any other nationalities in Israel?
Ever heard of Caritas? It spends billions and billions of money for helping poore people. I wander how much or some of your rich Hollywood relatives did you give into charity.

I am catholic and believe that his lady has a great idea. I don’t think Jesus had the idea of the Vatican nor would he live in a palace that the pope lives in. There would be no person hungry in the world.

I read in an article they help more than any other organization in the world…thinking to myself…yeah they better…but more importantly they should give it all to those who need it just as it is meant to be. Giving us reports on how much the Vatican makes and is running in deficit doesn’t mean a thing when the Vatican is worth millions upon millions closer to billions of icons and stuff we don’t need. Keep some for those who truly need something pretty too look at and rest should go. Garage sale? yeah baby yeah! Oh the T-shirt idea is great!! I would buy one too….

now i know why SNL fired you

The Vatican was created by Catholics for The Church. Since Jews have made no artistic contribution to western civilization, we could round them up, sell all their things, and feed the useful people of the world. Almost worked before.

Nope, i don’t agree that Jews did not made no artistic contribution to western civilisation.
Thats so untrue. But the truth is also that Jews are so much nazi oriented nation that they are people that don’t care at all about third world hunger.
All you need is to take a better look into Talmud and all the suden you will understend where did this woman find so much racism to be inspierd with.
Lets see, hates asians, hate christians….realy doubt that she has any empathy for muslims :)
Everything is cristal clear.
Bad, realy bad thing about this socoled “joke” is that she did nothing but bring more heat on Jews and their nazi religion.
Its truth, Israel has precise low that prevents Jewish people to get legal mariage with non-jews.
They also have few agencys that kidnap young Jews that escape from their ortodox famillys so they could be with someone that is not Jew.
They also have whole cross-US campaign that calls young Jews not to seek for life partners outside of jewish communiti.
Woman is driven by pure hate to non-jews.
Thats realy sad. Specialy since world has shown so much empathy for Jewish people after WWII tragedy in Germany.
Almost 50 million people lost lifes in that war, but we keep remembering only those 6 millions poore jewish souls that lost their lives in nazi concentration camps.
What about 40 millions of others?
Thumb down for this hater!

Oh….she hates black people as well :)
“Jews and Blacks” on letterman.
The joke is about black people actualy.

This woman is pure pure racis!

I would love to make you a t-shirt except by the time you got it someone would have had me knocked off…can we just make Sarah an ambassador for hungry children? I predict huge donations from all the people that simply love Sarah!
If you wish to donate, enter your amount here $_________.00
*note a small portion of the proceeds will be used so I can take Sarah out on a date!

I predict no money donations… People that like Sarah are people that like money first then true charity. Farther as their donations goes is Israel. After all Israel is in the midle ov the third world.

um can you people find some place else to argue and critisize, this site is supposed to be a FAN site for Sarah, please respect that.

on behalf of,
The Jew Crew.(*)

you think your funny? do you need attention? are you sick? i guess you need to see at least 5 psychiatrist. before you say something about the issue, feeding the world, ask your researcher, if you have any, what the vatican does right now and their commitment on world hunger

Fantastic idea !!!!!

Good idea, Sarah! What purpose does the Vatican serve anyways? I understand the Pope recently declared that condoms don’t do anything to stop the spread of AIDS. Can you imagine!!! Fortunately, on the ground frontline Catholic charity workers simply ignored this communique from their ‘conehead’ German Shepherd and encourage condom use anyways.

““Sell Israël, Feed the World,”

Sarah this was both genius and inspirational.I have plans to pass out flyers with your Sell the Vatican idea.
I believe the perfect buyers would be Hip Hop artists, that would be the blingiest CRIBS episode ever. Imagine Flavor Flav with a last supper clock and a Pope hat adorned with a huge gold dollar sign!
“Yeaaaah Boyeee peep my pope mobile”.
This would inevitably lead to a new Flavor of Love: Vatican edition. This time nuns would compete to be Flavors ho.

I can dream cant I?

I dont think Israel would fetch much.

For a more clear understanding of condom use and the spread of the Aids virus, and the lies that liberals want you to believe about them, go to:


The Pope is right on the mark. Some people just want any excuse to legitimize that immoral behavior and are only adding to all the death & suffering in the world.

By the way, Sarah brought all this debate upon herself.

Whats the matter kikester my comment about your Bubby hit home? your so raunchy in your act but censor when it’s about you. Jews never learn

>The Pope is right on the mark …
Mark Oct 17th …above.

I can’t believe how far off the ‘mark’ you are Mark! I took the time to read the link you provided (above) to the Catholic League and, give me a break! The countries in Africa that have seen the largest decrease in AIDS were the ones who put aside the taboo of talking about sex and AIDS, put up billboards promoting condom use, educated their people and have realized drastic decreases in AIDS (Ghana is a perfect example). How do I know? I went there and saw it first hand. Something I suggest you do Mark. Stop your disinformation and harm to humanity!

Comment directed to Nurleymon:
“Been there and done that”, well so has the Catholic Church for over 2,000 years! I take their Divine guidance anyday over the guidance of the “Culture of Death” in which you and many others seem to relish in. You are siding with Beelzebub. Remember this life is short and the next is for eternity. Repent and be saved now!
Quoting Sarah now, “When God gives you Aids (and God does give you Aids!), make LemonAid.” How could any decent moral person joke about such a devastating and deadly disease. I guess the same who can also attack God’s only route to Heaven for us on earth, the Church.

I doubt the Church has a monopoly on how to get into Heavan. It’s easy to assume that one’s own faith is the one true path to God. Besides, Judaism has been around MUCH longer than Christianity and the Church. And Christianity in itself is not only a derivative of Judaism, but other pagan beliefs such as from the gods Osiris and Mithras that conformed to the most populous/popular religion known today. Furthermore, any wonder why the Jews have survived so many hardships over the past 2000+ years after oppression by Christianity, Islam, etc.? And, to say that Jesus will make a 2nd coming is really a desperate means of why he didn’t fulfill the Messianic prophecies that are required in the Jewish bible the first place. It is written (or I can paraphrase it): “If he fulfills the prophecies in his lifetime, then he is the Messiah, HOWEVER, if he does not fulfill the necessary prophecies (e.g. bringing universal peace, establishing the 3rd Jewish temple), and even fails even one of these tasks, THEN HE IS NOT THE MESSIAH…So, if the Church is the one way to God, that seems to come off as spiritual extortion by assuming one way or the other, thereby showing throughout history that it has hardly changed anything.

Speaking of spirtual extortion just remember the Jews are the ones that wrote the bible. They are the best ones at extortion. That is why they have been persecuted around the world for thousands of years, not because of their religion.

Comment to righteously indignant Mark (St?)….
In 2000 years of Catholic efforts I’d expect a better result, no? With a moderate, sensible, less shrill approach to the AIDS epidemic in the world we’ve done more than your church has done in a fraction of the time. I see no difference between radical Islam and radical Catholicism: You both need to attack to feel special. Peace is boring for people like you. If you’re not condemning you feel you’re not doing God’s work. Once again, give me a break!

Comment to St.-to-be Nurleymon,
All Christians are interested in finding and bringing others to the Truth. The Truth being Jesus Christ. We are not interested in lies, fake religions, distortions and bigotry to which you and people like you subcribe to. Please rise yourself up and truly seek the Truth, and you will be rewarded in the End. You are in my prayers. Thank you for yours. God bless…


There is only one reason the Jews have survived as a people over the many centuries – they are God’s chosen people and He loves them and protects them. But, not all Jews are going to be in Heaven; God always has a remnant who are true to Him.

As for Jesus not fulfilling prophecies, I refer you to the following website. Click the top url and it will lead you to lengthy list of the prophecies fulfilled by Jesus. Not all prophecies will be fulfilled until He returns to set up the Messianic Kingdom.

Messiah – not the church- is the only way to God.

I trust you will at least glance at the list and then go back to Torah; your


Sorry – the url I mentioned



…Guess I didn’t really need to re-send since my comments still seem to be in moderation.

Rosen, your tribe comes from mongolia and has no connection to any middle east religion or cult, your a fraud, a kikester, your salvation can only be achived in a work camp

Good idea. 20 years ago, Maitraya Rael launched that idea too. No answer from now 20 years; worst, the actual Pope is more conservative that previous ones. Definityly, that relegion will desapear soon and many others too.
We need values for the 21th century.
Visit : http://www.rael.com
and you will see a new way for explanation of life on this planet. Have fun and continue to provoke.
Roland, raelian from Canada

Wow! What a bunch of anti-semitism on this board! I speak defending the Jewish people by speaking with heart and reason, but there will always be those who put the spin on Jews – thus, perpetuating my point that hardly anything changes, especially when it comes to hate and anti-Semitism. BTW, there have been plenty of Jewish achievements such as Haim Solomon who helped George Washington found this country Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine. While I speak more with reason, many others sure seem to speak of hate. So speaking of reason has nothing to do with fraud.

Rosen, you speak thru forked tongue
The Semitic people trace their origins to the biblical Shem & his children which corresponds with Neolithic population of the Arabian plate that has its cultural, linguistic & genetic roots in the region.Which part of the middle east are your ancestors from? kabul?, kazakhstan? FRAUD, How come you don’t mention marx, trotsky, and all your murdering bolshevik tribesman. Haim Solomon The son of a rabbi, Solomon was born in Leszno (Lissa), Poland. In the 1760s, he journeyed throughout western Europe, during which time he acquired a (knowledge of finance as well as fluency in several languages). He returned to Poland in 1770 but left two years later during the Partitions of Poland.[1] After traveling to England, Solomon immigrated to New York City in 1775, where he established himself as a financial broker for merchants engaged in overseas trade. Sounds like a kikester, just happened to make money out of thin air. ACLU, Kent state< abby holfman, pornography, abortion, WW1,WW2, Rosenbergs, madolff, soros, collibine killers, spector, you kikesters have done so much for mankind

Again, wow! So many armchair anti-Semites posting one-sided comments on this board – not that everyone posting comments here is. jackumup – are you part of the Aryan Knighthood or some kind of white supremecist group, or just simply an armchair Jew-hater?

Also, jackumup, how do you get along with your Jewish acquaintances in real life?

Pay attention Marv your not a Semite period, your not chosen, your not Hebrew and most of all your not liked. you are part of a tribe that is responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent human beings and are constantly stealing, and promoting immorality on this planet. ARM CHAIR ANTI-SEMETIC WTF? stupid statement from a parasitic kike. your time is running out

I don’t associate with thieves, I don’t shop in russian kike stores or use them as lawyers, doctors, or in any form, I have a list of kike manufactures and do not buy their products. i believe based on their recent crime they will soon be required to wear some type of badge identifying them to the general public

jackumup, I’d be careful pre-judging people you haven’t met in real life, even if they are Jewish. You’ll be running into them sooner or later. Haven’t you learned anything about coexistence or is hate all you know? Still, the Jewish people have been persecuted the most more than any others so I don’t see how a relatively small group of people can be responsible for the death of millions. Sounds pretty baseless, especially when you said my “tribe is from Mongolia”. Again, you don’t know me and you don’t fully understand the larger spectrum of society instead of lumping all the Jews as the cause of the pain and suffering in the world. What about the radical Muslims’ war against the west and what is going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan with the Taliban and in Darfur? We certainly have a long way to go to acknowledge all of our imperfections in order to coexist. So, we’re just not evolved away from all our fears from when us humans were more neanderthalic attempting to get away from alligators, woolly mammoths, etc. in order to survive.

Also, don’t forget that NOT all Jews, among everyone else, is the same!

Eliminating the Jews is wishful thinking for people who fit in the same category as Hitler.

My comment is awaiting moderation… wouuuuw ! feared by our comments ?

What about the jew organ traffic ? Do you make a lot of money on it ?

So do you think this shyster (or ‘shystress’) has now increased traffic to her (or ‘his’ … who knows these days!) enough to attract more advertisers and make more money?

Simply put – jews have been hated by everyone for thousands of years. jews are the most insercure people, and all of that insecurity makes them the most racist and lying people. they do control the media, hollywood, and govt foreign policy decision making. Their lobbying groups, such as AIPAC are the most powerful and conniving lobbying groups. They payoff nearly all politicians and lawmakers. They care more about israel than the United States. They keep thinking they are the ‘right’ and ‘special’ people. While they force everyone to integrate, they continue to segregate themselves from non-jews. They continue to stick just with fellow special people, which is just fine. But they criticize all other groups for doing the same thing. They are hypocrites. They are the reason why we have so much bloodshed in the middle east, as we had in europe in wwI and wwII. They can never be trusted. We are losing Americans just to protect this little israel place, which provides NOTHING in return. We give it at least $3 billion every year and that’s just straight up cash. We give it anything and everything. and they go and compete with ous weapons behind our backs.

So sick of them. And so sick of all of that crying and whining and victimization crap. Can’t trust any of them.

I wonder how those who demonize and delegitimize Israel and the Jews are any “better” when they lump all Jews together. NOT ALL JEWS ARE THE SAME.

Rosen I lived with kikesters from Russia all my life and know them very well. Kikes have never been persecuted by anybody the correct term is prosecuted, i can back up everything i say, you can’t back up anything you spell out you using the kikester play book 1)discredit your opponent (cry anti-semitism) 2) try to intimidate (how do you get along with your Jewish acquaintances in real life?) 3) all out threats (I’d be careful pre-judging people you haven’t met in real life, even if they are Jewish. You’ll be running into) You armchair kikesters are pathetic and (cowards). everyday the truth spreads, more are awakened and as you notice here the comments are starting to go against you

Look, most of the Internet was pioneered by Israelis and Jews (e.g. AIM, Facebook, mobile devices), for what you take for granted to spew your anti-Jewish bile.

thats not true, except for pornography, jews jumped in trying to corner domain names for profit, Israel is the main hub for producing virus and hacking security systems, also israel is the only country that spy’s in US prisons (e.g. AIM, Facebook,) these are useless distractions for the young, (mobile devices)hardly inventions of the kikes (they use it for spying) did they invent computers, telecommunications, server systems, no they did not but, conspiring to own and control all aspects of the uses of these tools well, you got me there marv just like they had control of the media. marv when are you going to address Bolshevism?


um, sarah, when was the last time you were in central La helping the poor?
when was the last time you were selling your house and your property?

lead the way, girl…..
show by example……
or stick with your comedy, oh, that’s right it doesn’t sell & it’s low

The comment was so stupid only a jew could make it. It doesn’t really matter what the Pope says in Africa, and the Church promoting condoms wouldn’t change a thing. The Church teaches people not to rape, cut off each other’s limbs, cannibalize, or use drugs. Are the idiots that blame the Church for poverty and Aids in Africa suggesting that if the Church approved of condoms that the same people that do all these monstrous things would go out and buy Trojans because the Church approved it? Semite Idiots.

The last time that a jew fed the poor was 2000 years ago. His “Charitable Hebrew Brothers” rewarded Him for this by having him killed (By some one else, what a surprise). One of his followers then established the Institution in question, seeing no hope for hebrews to espouse a philosophy based on charity and love. And yet this pig-copulator is giving advice on feeding the poor? Riiiiight.

“I wonder how those who demonize and delegitimize Israel and the Jews are any “better” when they lump all Jews together. NOT ALL JEWS ARE THE SAME.”

Left by Rosen on October 19th, 2009

Prove it.

The different Jews:

-Orthodox (either ultra- or modern)
-Culturally Jewish, but often non-practicing.

Also ever hear when there are 2 different Jews or Rabbis there can be 3 different opinions between them?

Thank you Rosen. People are ignorant of religion in general, especially the vocabulary. For instance calling Catholicism a religion. NO, its a denomination. There’s a difference. From Bill Maher to Richard Dawkins otherwise brilliant people seem to revel in their lack of basic knowledge.

As for all the haters in this flame: how smart is it for these anti-semites to be in a fan club for an iconic Jew such as our friend Sarah.

Back to school, all of you.

Sell the vatican is a vitality for the world.

Hello Sarah,
I am wholeheartedly with you, this idea of selling the Vatican to feed the world’s starving. Jesus was asked to give everything we have to keep only the bare minimum to survive. The Pope should lead by example. The Maitreya Rael launched the same idea here is now 20 years old. It is their only salvation to access to life eternal. Visit : http://www.rael.org.
Love and Respect

Nice to see so much anti-Catholic bigotry around…I guess all of you people who used to make fun of blacks, and gays have simply switched to Catholics. Your bigots SIMPLE and should be ashamed

It’s not even funny! Aid destroys economies and is the reason why Africa is poor.

Read Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo.

The people in Africa don’t need handouts. They need to be left alone so that we stop destroying their economies.

The world that Sarah Silverman lives in doesn’t exist. It’s a fantasy, and I am afraid this fantasy will come crashing down on all of us. Read the comments on youtube, this generates antisemitism on a major scale.

Please stop!

There are 2 different types of jews Hebrews and Kikesters, Hebrews live in occupied Palestine and kikesters live in every where else sucking the life blood out of the inhabitants. Africa is starving because it’s full of Africans It’s not our problem if this kikester really cared she would be selling her dirty used ass on the street to under-iQ mofo’s for 1.00 a hit

Oui je suis en parfait accord avec Sara Silveman…Le Vatican dois etre vendu pour nourrir tous le monde.Je suis Raelien et le Maitreya Rael ,notre prophete l’avais suggere cette idee il y a 20 ans et qu’il appuit son idee. N’est-il pas ecrit que Jesus a dit a ses apotres “Vends tout ce que tu possedes et suis -moi”L’eglise catholique pour etre fidele au message de son prophete , ne devrait-elle pas vendre tout ce qu’elle possede et suivre la philosophie du detachement que Jesus prechait? Bravo chere Sarah…. Pour votre info aller http://www.rael .org Bon succes .Raymond Raelien.

I do agree with you Sarah, the Catholic Church should sell its wealth to feed the poor(that’s what Maitraya Rael has been saying for more than twenty years). But all the othor religious groups should do the same, especially if they got rich by being involved in the pilaging of the resourses of others. They should give it all back or compensate. Also I believe that the colonial countries have a responsibility to help, for they were also involved in the pilaging.
Thank you Sarah for bringing this up, I am sure that it will make people think.

Richard Rochon, raelian from Canada http://www.rael.org

Sarah congratulation for your remarks. I support you
all the way so as my spiritual guide Matraya Raël for your remarks saying that the pope should sell the Vatican to help to nourish the poor which die of hunger and thirst. Matraya Raël had already suggested this idea 20 years ago.( http://www.rael.org ) Christiane

You are an absolute embarassment and not at all funny. Please stop.

Sarah Kate Silverman

Can you say LOSER!!!!

Yeah…I can say LOSER!!!! as if the Pope will give up his cushy palace and billions in artwork in his basement…But in a very non-creepy, unstalkeresque yet unwholesome way, I can’t get enough of you…I even overlook the whole New Hampshire thing. When you come to Charlotte, NC I expect a limo ride, front row tickets and backstage pass…but I may not stay for the whole show, k?

how’s your sister?
do you ever see your sister? do you really know her. do you hang out? what does she look like naked? tell her i said so.
tell her also thanks for the Heeb subscription,josh and i were giggling in bed tonight about “your penis is bleeding, your penis is bleeding!” it’s awsome to get the magazine and awsomer for free since we’re on a tight budget kind of. i will use the mitzvah opportunity to donate my gently used copy to our shul library…allthough we have a new rabbi and the last copy (germany issue) mysteriously disappeared from the library…my theory, he has a thing for rosanne barr. god, who wouldn’t
love ab
ps the vatican can suck my balls
p.p.s i was reading in my inlaws copy of the idiots guide to judaism (which i so lovingly supplied them with) and i realized something amazing. if obabma could just raise the dead, he would fit the description for the messiah exactly! just goes to show you, you can allways be an idiot about judaism i guess.
p.p.p.s. i said pee pee ha ha ha
(that is the resounding joke in my house)
(been home a lot lately w/ sick kids, can you tell.
poo poo poo esss, what is laura’s email?

hey i just read all the comments!
sarah, you rock for stimulating all this discussion!

im pretty sure i disagree with almost everything said and i am saddened. except yours, yours blew me away, i almost submitted it for my college application.

Lot of comments. There are, like, seven people here.

How many other idiots are going to come here from Christiane and the other Raelisms whose wacki cult uses the swastika as their symbol and is a mega corporation to N an ignorant Catholic who somehow thinks one can sell a friggin country. I would love to see what these other people do for others. The Catholic Church is the largest charitable and social organization on the planet. But that doesnt matter because bigotry and ignorance pervail among so many of you. Get an education and learn something.


My friend and I thought we’d add to your revelation of selling the Vatican…You are our inspiration for these solutions to the problems of the world! (We had many laughs over this video and our added solutions so thanks!)

First, we would gather all the priests robes and sell those too! They don’t need them and children are wearing those “I went to Florida and all I got was this lousy shirt” on those commercials you talked about!(I’ve been to AFrica and seen them myself as I fed and held precious children with no clothes or food) Clothes for all the kiddos!

Then, all the Mary statues must go to provide housing…we figured even after the vatican was filled there would still be much need!

Last, and most importantly, selling the rosary beads for acryllic nails for all women who want them…very important!!

Well, I have to say your video is funny (except I really don’t like the vulgar stuff) and inspiring. It is the smartest solution I have heard all year to any problem our world is facing! Let’s just get our priorities straight!! It makes perfect sense! Thanks for the laugh!

Pauvre conne,
Comment peut-on être aussi bête, vulgaire et passer à la télé? Je me le demande. Tu nages en plein délire, ma pauvre, et tu as bien besoin d’un docteur.
Écoute. Tout le monde sait que votre race adore voler, dépouiller, tuer, spolier, déplacer les populations, et, surtout, surtout, pleurer sur son malheur en accusant les autres d’être méchants avec elle. On retourne le problème, quoi. Ce sont les gens comme toi qui affament la planète. Penses-y. L’Église catholique lutte VRAIMENT contre la misère et la pauvreté. Regarde qui bosse contre la misère, et file te convertir.

Right on Sarah! You should have also added how the catholic church’s oposition to birth control have over populated the world with poor people. Great commentary on church leaders living in palaces while claiming to have taken a vow of poverty.

I picture some bony emaciated third world inhabitant preparing their mud pies for dinner. I bet they would be ROTFL at this joke. Something to lighten their load. Perhaps we should organize a thank you card campaign from to them to Sarah.

While the vatican is clearly evil and the pope is the devil incarnate, the real joke here is ms. silverman leaving out the rest of the story. Perhaps she doesn’t know it or understand it.

Dear Sarah, if you want to understand poverty and help us do something about it, please read the following two books.

Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley

Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment by John Holdren and company.

And just in case, don’t waste your energy getting on your “it’s just comedy” high horse. You are making a statement and you know it. So, now that you have done so, join us in the real fight instead of making poopy jokes and running out of the room.

Its nice to see that bigots that used to insult gays, blacks and Jews have simply switched their ignorant hate speech to Catholics and the Vatican. Ignoring that the Catholic Church is the largest social service agency on the planet, these bigots spew forth their hatred. Perhaps after insulting the Pope you want to beat up a homosexual…its seems to be what you people are all about

They are hypocrites. They consider themselves as the ‘special’ people and then crticize everyone else for being racist. They are the only ones that can make fun of themselves. If a non-jew comedian made fun of jews, he’d be labeled as Hitler. But a jew can make fun of and criticize any and everyone else. Those ‘special’ people. The same mofos that whined about seeing too many ‘Merry Christmas’ signs in a predominantly CHRISTIAN nation. The same mofos that now put their star crap and those candles and happy hanukkka crap anywhere, while demanding others to no longer say Merry Christmas. Hypocrisy at its best.

hi sarah silverman. we cannot go further intellectually and in any humane way without the critique. so i love you and support your work. thank you.

Some of you should really learn to SPELL before commenting on anything else! I notice the radical right are the very worst at spelling.

As expected … let these mofos try to vere this entire argument towards something completely irrelevant – spelling. This is hillarious. By the way, unlike what many believe, most jews are on the right … neocons … all, or more than 90%, jews … all from the Trotsky ‘fan base’ in the first half of the 20th century … your hero, Irving Kristol, passed away recently … thank him for starting this mofo group called the neocons … for a group of people that was forced not to practice its religion openly in Russia, its easy to start jerking off when it gets that freedom of expression … its also easy to try to force others not to practice in the open, as it fears the majority Christians may again try to reduce its shyster powers … its all about insecurity. and this silverman jap is a perfect example. you people are so insecure, its amazing. I just wonder why (and do feel sad about it) … why you’ve been victimized throughout world history by all kinds of people, religions and govts. the only constant variable is … you. maybe if you didn’t practice hypocrisy you might be able to maintain supporters for the long-term. … who knows.

WHOA where did all these religious trolls come from? Someone must have power-pointed this to their Vacation Bible School classes.

Hysterical video–keep ‘em coming!

i thought this was great. also happy to hear the show is still on tv. i’ll have to look out for it. it’s difficult as it it to keep up with roseanne. god bless and gesundheit.

Ok Sounds Interesting. But, sorry I have to say that. Economics point of view, If You give someone something for free. It is possible that someone might want more!

After You feed all the people, like what is next? They will keep wanting more and then the system collapses. Get the point?

Its a nice idea Yeah but I bet Vatican is already helping in feeding hungry mouths already I AM SURE! Sarah if You want to feed people, go to the streets and buy a homeless guy a meal it could mean life and death to someone!
Or for example at shopping mall, there are carts where You can put something for the hungry, give something that You bought for Yourself if You forgot to take something extra.

I usually buy candies, mostly lollies, those carts are quite full here in Slovenia! Hey I am not a rich guy :) don’t judge me!

Don’t be offended but Your idea is not so bright, it’s funny for Sure.

Keep on the good work, any idea is a good idea as long we are creative.

Have Fun Big S and stay Sexy!

Best idea EVER!

LOL. However Sarah, true story, Paul VI tried to sell in 1966 the Pieta’ (interesting enough a Jewish business man was called to organize the sale) and give the money to Africa. It was established that only large corporation together (so many, big and together) could buy the statue. Moreover the Italian government stopped the possible sell cause they claimed that It was going to be a loss in the history of art! No Sarah I don’t think it will be possible your idea. Anyway good try!

You were so right on that matter with the Vatican…for Christian believers.. and it is those who would have reacted negatively to your commit….just ask what would Jesus have done if he was here on earth.
Heard u on Larry King Live just few minutes ago ….never knew of you before…(I live in Barbados) just had to do this after feeling your spirit on that show.Wish I could talk to you more @ edgtec@hotmail.com

notice it’s all the haters that are the first to sling jewish slurs and hate. We are simply asking you to live by the views you shove down our throats daily! sell the vatican, pay for contraceptives for all!

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Wht the Jews have to do with the Vatican? Stay in Wall Street. Or, better, sell Wall Street, and feed the world, morrons


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