Sell the Vatican, Feed the World

Sarah’s plan to feed the entire world as featured on Real Time with Bill Maher.

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129 Responses to Sell the Vatican, Feed the World

  1. Rob T says:

    Yeah…I can say LOSER!!!! as if the Pope will give up his cushy palace and billions in artwork in his basement…But in a very non-creepy, unstalkeresque yet unwholesome way, I can’t get enough of you…I even overlook the whole New Hampshire thing. When you come to Charlotte, NC I expect a limo ride, front row tickets and backstage pass…but I may not stay for the whole show, k?

  2. abby wolf says:

    how’s your sister?
    do you ever see your sister? do you really know her. do you hang out? what does she look like naked? tell her i said so.
    tell her also thanks for the Heeb subscription,josh and i were giggling in bed tonight about “your penis is bleeding, your penis is bleeding!” it’s awsome to get the magazine and awsomer for free since we’re on a tight budget kind of. i will use the mitzvah opportunity to donate my gently used copy to our shul library…allthough we have a new rabbi and the last copy (germany issue) mysteriously disappeared from the library…my theory, he has a thing for rosanne barr. god, who wouldn’t
    love ab
    ps the vatican can suck my balls
    p.p.s i was reading in my inlaws copy of the idiots guide to judaism (which i so lovingly supplied them with) and i realized something amazing. if obabma could just raise the dead, he would fit the description for the messiah exactly! just goes to show you, you can allways be an idiot about judaism i guess.
    p.p.p.s. i said pee pee ha ha ha
    (that is the resounding joke in my house)
    (been home a lot lately w/ sick kids, can you tell.
    poo poo poo esss, what is laura’s email?

  3. abby wolf says:

    hey i just read all the comments!
    sarah, you rock for stimulating all this discussion!

  4. Danielle O'Jew says:

    im pretty sure i disagree with almost everything said and i am saddened. except yours, yours blew me away, i almost submitted it for my college application.

  5. Stephen S. says:

    Lot of comments. There are, like, seven people here.

  6. Frank says:

    How many other idiots are going to come here from Christiane and the other Raelisms whose wacki cult uses the swastika as their symbol and is a mega corporation to N an ignorant Catholic who somehow thinks one can sell a friggin country. I would love to see what these other people do for others. The Catholic Church is the largest charitable and social organization on the planet. But that doesnt matter because bigotry and ignorance pervail among so many of you. Get an education and learn something.

  7. Shirley Del Rosso says:


    My friend and I thought we’d add to your revelation of selling the Vatican…You are our inspiration for these solutions to the problems of the world! (We had many laughs over this video and our added solutions so thanks!)

    First, we would gather all the priests robes and sell those too! They don’t need them and children are wearing those “I went to Florida and all I got was this lousy shirt” on those commercials you talked about!(I’ve been to AFrica and seen them myself as I fed and held precious children with no clothes or food) Clothes for all the kiddos!

    Then, all the Mary statues must go to provide housing…we figured even after the vatican was filled there would still be much need!

    Last, and most importantly, selling the rosary beads for acryllic nails for all women who want them…very important!!

    Well, I have to say your video is funny (except I really don’t like the vulgar stuff) and inspiring. It is the smartest solution I have heard all year to any problem our world is facing! Let’s just get our priorities straight!! It makes perfect sense! Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Eric says:

    Pauvre conne,
    Comment peut-on être aussi bête, vulgaire et passer à la télé? Je me le demande. Tu nages en plein délire, ma pauvre, et tu as bien besoin d’un docteur.
    Écoute. Tout le monde sait que votre race adore voler, dépouiller, tuer, spolier, déplacer les populations, et, surtout, surtout, pleurer sur son malheur en accusant les autres d’être méchants avec elle. On retourne le problème, quoi. Ce sont les gens comme toi qui affament la planète. Penses-y. L’Église catholique lutte VRAIMENT contre la misère et la pauvreté. Regarde qui bosse contre la misère, et file te convertir.

  9. Paul Powell says:

    Sarah Silverman is really BRILLANT!!!!! There would be fewer Wars or none at all if, people had food in their belly and a roof overhead,medical attention , much cheaper than any FUCKING WAR!!!!|
    Shit the people can go to a Jewerly
    Store or a Church and worship money!!
    Love You Sarah, Keep ON!!!!!
    Paul Powell
    US Army Disabled Veteran

  10. Marc says:

    Right on Sarah! You should have also added how the catholic church’s oposition to birth control have over populated the world with poor people. Great commentary on church leaders living in palaces while claiming to have taken a vow of poverty.

  11. Sarah Also says:

    I picture some bony emaciated third world inhabitant preparing their mud pies for dinner. I bet they would be ROTFL at this joke. Something to lighten their load. Perhaps we should organize a thank you card campaign from to them to Sarah.

  12. Sarah Comments Again says:

    While the vatican is clearly evil and the pope is the devil incarnate, the real joke here is ms. silverman leaving out the rest of the story. Perhaps she doesn’t know it or understand it.

    Dear Sarah, if you want to understand poverty and help us do something about it, please read the following two books.

    Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley

    Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment by John Holdren and company.

    And just in case, don’t waste your energy getting on your “it’s just comedy” high horse. You are making a statement and you know it. So, now that you have done so, join us in the real fight instead of making poopy jokes and running out of the room.

  13. John says:

    Its nice to see that bigots that used to insult gays, blacks and Jews have simply switched their ignorant hate speech to Catholics and the Vatican. Ignoring that the Catholic Church is the largest social service agency on the planet, these bigots spew forth their hatred. Perhaps after insulting the Pope you want to beat up a homosexual…its seems to be what you people are all about

  14. nonjew says:

    They are hypocrites. They consider themselves as the ‘special’ people and then crticize everyone else for being racist. They are the only ones that can make fun of themselves. If a non-jew comedian made fun of jews, he’d be labeled as Hitler. But a jew can make fun of and criticize any and everyone else. Those ‘special’ people. The same mofos that whined about seeing too many ‘Merry Christmas’ signs in a predominantly CHRISTIAN nation. The same mofos that now put their star crap and those candles and happy hanukkka crap anywhere, while demanding others to no longer say Merry Christmas. Hypocrisy at its best.

  15. Nedim says:

    hi sarah silverman. we cannot go further intellectually and in any humane way without the critique. so i love you and support your work. thank you.

  16. fnemo says:

    just as brilliant as the bit itself is the way its earnest paraphrase of JESUS’S VERY WORDS draws the hypocrites out of the woodwork and drives them absolutely batshit

  17. Liz says:

    Some of you should really learn to SPELL before commenting on anything else! I notice the radical right are the very worst at spelling.

  18. nonjew says:

    As expected … let these mofos try to vere this entire argument towards something completely irrelevant – spelling. This is hillarious. By the way, unlike what many believe, most jews are on the right … neocons … all, or more than 90%, jews … all from the Trotsky ‘fan base’ in the first half of the 20th century … your hero, Irving Kristol, passed away recently … thank him for starting this mofo group called the neocons … for a group of people that was forced not to practice its religion openly in Russia, its easy to start jerking off when it gets that freedom of expression … its also easy to try to force others not to practice in the open, as it fears the majority Christians may again try to reduce its shyster powers … its all about insecurity. and this silverman jap is a perfect example. you people are so insecure, its amazing. I just wonder why (and do feel sad about it) … why you’ve been victimized throughout world history by all kinds of people, religions and govts. the only constant variable is … you. maybe if you didn’t practice hypocrisy you might be able to maintain supporters for the long-term. … who knows.

  19. Lara says:

    WHOA where did all these religious trolls come from? Someone must have power-pointed this to their Vacation Bible School classes.

    Hysterical video–keep ’em coming!

  20. JackMyhoff says:

    i thought this was great. also happy to hear the show is still on tv. i’ll have to look out for it. it’s difficult as it it to keep up with roseanne. god bless and gesundheit.

  21. Ok Sounds Interesting. But, sorry I have to say that. Economics point of view, If You give someone something for free. It is possible that someone might want more!

    After You feed all the people, like what is next? They will keep wanting more and then the system collapses. Get the point?

    Its a nice idea Yeah but I bet Vatican is already helping in feeding hungry mouths already I AM SURE! Sarah if You want to feed people, go to the streets and buy a homeless guy a meal it could mean life and death to someone!
    Or for example at shopping mall, there are carts where You can put something for the hungry, give something that You bought for Yourself if You forgot to take something extra.

    I usually buy candies, mostly lollies, those carts are quite full here in Slovenia! Hey I am not a rich guy :) don’t judge me!

    Don’t be offended but Your idea is not so bright, it’s funny for Sure.

    Keep on the good work, any idea is a good idea as long we are creative.

    Have Fun Big S and stay Sexy!

  22. Emma says:

    Best idea EVER!

  23. Nando says:

    LOL. However Sarah, true story, Paul VI tried to sell in 1966 the Pieta’ (interesting enough a Jewish business man was called to organize the sale) and give the money to Africa. It was established that only large corporation together (so many, big and together) could buy the statue. Moreover the Italian government stopped the possible sell cause they claimed that It was going to be a loss in the history of art! No Sarah I don’t think it will be possible your idea. Anyway good try!

  24. Lionel says:

    You were so right on that matter with the Vatican…for Christian believers.. and it is those who would have reacted negatively to your commit….just ask what would Jesus have done if he was here on earth.
    Heard u on Larry King Live just few minutes ago ….never knew of you before…(I live in Barbados) just had to do this after feeling your spirit on that show.Wish I could talk to you more @

  25. Derek Pretto says:

    I love this woman. I bought my “Sell the Vatican, Feed the World”, shit right away. Remember, Religion must die in order for Mankind to survive…

  26. klutzz says:

    notice it’s all the haters that are the first to sling jewish slurs and hate. We are simply asking you to live by the views you shove down our throats daily! sell the vatican, pay for contraceptives for all!

  27. Florian says:

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  28. Buveron says:

    Wht the Jews have to do with the Vatican? Stay in Wall Street. Or, better, sell Wall Street, and feed the world, morrons

  29. Sonja says:


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