Sarah as Bart’s Girlfriend

Sarah will be playing Bart’s girlfriend on an episode of the upcoming 21st season of The Simpsons. According to Simpsons creator Matt Groening:

Bart will kiss his new girlfriend once and she’ll hate it. He’ll kiss her again and she’ll like it. Then she’ll inexplicably break up with Bart and leave town.

The Bart/Silverman relationship is said to be based on the real life experiences of every writer on the panel. More details about when it airs coming soon!

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11 Responses to Sarah as Bart’s Girlfriend

  1. S says:

    weird, i kissed a photo of her and the same thing happened!

  2. S says:

    Also, this is Sarah’s first lesbian scene!
    (Bart’s voice is a female voiceactor)

  3. S says:

    Sarah is hell.
    (But I still love her. Must remind myself to watch…)
    S prime.

  4. Ookie says:

    Fianlly! Sarah joins the ranks of Michael Jackson, Tito Puente, Stephen Hawking and Robert Goulet as a Simpsons guest star!

  5. Rosen says:

    About time Sarah Silverman got worked into a voice on the Simpsons. Will this episode be the season premiere?

  6. Shalli Babba. says:

    Day-jah-voo *this is good for everybody.

  7. Jeffer says:

    Are you gonna give Bart some tongue?

  8. ava says:

    i think your corny ass hell

  9. S says:
    season 21 episode list
    have a guess?
    i would bet my ass it’s episode 2;
    04/Oct/2009 – Treehouse of Horror XX

  10. Armaggedon says:

    Could you suck some dicks in a porn movie ? This is your place.

  11. Dylan Ferrier says:

    Hey there Sarah I watched it great episode now get on South Park *lol*

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