Sarah at the Webby Awards

Sarah received an award at The 13th Annual Webby Awards for “I’m F–king Matt Damon” and her work on “The Great Schlep.” Here is video of her 5-word acceptance speech:

Here is another video interview with her on the red carpet:

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6 Responses to Sarah at the Webby Awards

  1. Rosen says:

    While Sarah Silverman is one of the hottest Jewish celebrity women, I tend to think she may be in some competition with either Natalie Portman and Georgina Bloomberg…I don’t know what Sarah Silverman usually makes annually, because I have yet to see VH1 do a show for “The Fabulous Life of Sarah Silverman”.

  2. Ookie says:

    When the interviewer asked her about “The Big Schlep” for a moment I thought she said “The Bitch Slap”.

  3. Fourperson says:

    Kinda revolting when she freaks out and shouts “I don’t even wanna be here!”, and then goes back to her sweet girl character.
    I dunno. I mean i love most of her stuff, but this was just disgusting.

  4. Jeffer says:

    Ponytail, hot. Mop head, not.

  5. Saandy says:

    I just love her in every way!!!

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