Sarah has recently joined Twitter, the mini-blogging website that allows users to post “tweets” about what they are doing. You can follow her at and look at some funny photos she has posted or read about what’s on her mind.

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2 Responses to Twitter

  1. Rich says:

    Does following Sarah on Twitter violate the terms of my restraining order? Kidding, of course(?).

  2. I am writing/editing “Couples,” a text, halves of chapters written by members of a pairing, present or past. The rationale, simply put, is that 16 to 45 year-olds can learn what works and what doesn’t between different kinds of pairings. I, for example, was a sexaholic and self-centered although, probably, charming and interesting. I learned from two failed marriages that great sex is fine, but it must be balanced with mutual respect and shared interests other than bedroom thrills. This is being reflected in chapters with my exes. Please, you and Jimmy, join us.

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