SSP is Coming Back!

It was announced today that The Sarah Silverman Program is getting picked up for a third season on Comedy Central. They were finally able to reach a budget compromise thanks to LOGO (another Viacom network) who decided to chip in so that the SSP crew can continue making great episodes. Writing for the new episodes starts this Wednesday!

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23 Responses to SSP is Coming Back!

  1. Nick says:

    I was really getting worried, thank you!

  2. osmutante says:

    Yes! Those network fuckwads had to concede to Sarah and co. The show is just too damn popular I tell ya.

  3. Tim says:

    Excellent news! I was worried.

  4. Rhea says:

    Great news! I need more episodes, please.

  5. Theresa Black says:


  6. K says:

    I’m so, so, sooooooo happy :)

  7. Moshe W. says:

    We missed you!

  8. waw says:

    Yippy!I am eagerly anticipating more big fun! Congrats to everyone involved…

  9. Freddy Mercury says:

    omg!!! I almost died of hapiness!! I think I will hung myself! that’s such a good news!I will call 911 and say the world “bald” until something happen

  10. Jimmy Dimmel says:

    To save money, the show will be like 60’s kids’ show Winky Dink and viewers will have to put a plastic sheet on their TV screen and use a crayon to draw Silverman’s comedy sets.

  11. Mel says:

    Do we know when the new season airs?

  12. miso says:

    lol @ jimmy dimmel! ill have my crayons and pencils at the ready!

  13. Ginny says:

    Yay, SSP is the best!!!

  14. Rosen says:

    Not only will Sarah Silverman’s show on Comedy Central come back, but I also saw on the ticker at the end of the show and credits on Real Time with Bill Maher that Sarah will make a guest appearance on his show next week.

  15. Charles Whealton says:

    Watching my first episode of the SSP was one of those moments where I said “At last, another comedy worth watching.”

    I need more episodes! Keep up the excellent work!

  16. miso says:

    yay :) if its back for good ill never say never again!

  17. Emily says:

    yesssssss!!!! my wish
    has been granted!

  18. carol says:

    broken up with kimmel…again?!?!,,20263895,00.html

  19. waw says:

    Great news about Sarah’s show coming back!
    Hey, I’m curious…this site is usually so good at posting all Sarah news, but there wasn’t anything about Sarah’s recent appearance on Bill Maher (other than the heads up by a helpful poster above–for which Thanks to Rosen). I hope all is well with the site, as it has been the best source for Sarah news and a great place to see clips.

  20. derrik says:

    why was there trouble with a budget?
    does anyone know how much she makes from this show?

  21. Danielle says:

    not enuf lol

  22. DjT says:

    Nice now i can explain to the unaware that Jesus is magic is like the hobbit, and the three seasons are like LoTR’s.

  23. Saandy(CHOCOLATEEYE14) says:

    Can’t wait 4 it.I love this show so much!

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