Lesbian Purse

There isn’t a lot going on with Sarah right now that I can report, so in the meantime enjoy this oldie-but-a-goodie prank call she did on the show Crank Yankers.

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7 Responses to Lesbian Purse

  1. waw says:

    So how is Sarah doing? Is she on a well deserved vacation? We hope all is well in Sarah-land.

    We love and miss you, Sarah. All the best!
    –your fans

  2. Ookie says:

    Them what likes Sarah may also enjoy the brutal musical humor of Tim Minchin.

    (“You grew on me like a tumor
    And you spread through me like malignant melanoma”)

    He’s an Aussie, scary-looking, thinking person’s comedian, who punctures social illusions with big words in a kind of rapid-fire beat poetry, which often requires a lyric sheet to follow along with.
    Kind of a punk Tom Lehrer.

  3. Emily says:

    She is on vacation with jimmie kimmel A.K.A LOSER:)

  4. Zamma says:

    shes not on vacation. just a vacation from our screens :( we all miss u. COME BACK! lol

  5. Emily says:


  6. Bernardo Vieira says:

    Jimmie and Sara are back togheter?=D

  7. Emily says:

    oh yea they have been back together for a while!

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