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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Sarah has a guest appearance on the upcoming MTV show “How’s Your News?” which premieres Feb. 8th. “How’s Your News?” features a team of reporters with disabilities who take a bus across the country, along the way interviewing people on the street (who sometimes turn out to be celebrities). Here is a clip:

Thanks to Thomas for the info!

15 Responses to ““How’s Your News?””

Um… for once I might agree with the trolls who say Sarah is inappropriate. I can’t believe they have a show based around people with disabilities so that we can laugh at them?

WTF MATE? Amarican Humour is much different than- well… they say ‘mate’ in the UK, Australia… I don’t want to guess and sounds like an ass- but American’s humours much different

And I thought Sarah was funny0 as usual lol


Are you drunk?

“i don’t want to guess and sounds like an ass? Amarican? humours?”

Come on. You’re better than that. Let’s try again. This time, try typing with both hands. Oh, and maybe tap into your ‘Amarican’ brain-power too.

Seriously, what’s wrong with this girl???
She think she’s funny…ahahhah, NOT

LoL that was reeeeeealy inappropriate.

COURKY IS THE MAN,I didnt see him complian.I have not seen many disabled people shown on tv.It is so Taboo.Why cant a normal person have special friend,and special co workers.Its real funny.

You’re retarded if you don’t think that’s funny.

I hope sarah has a day job!

She has to be the funniest Jew out there! ;)

I’ll put my two cents in for that :D :D

Go to the website for Hows Your News and find out what theyre all about. They created themselves. They’re a group of differently abled individuals who wanted to work in television, wanted to be news reporters, and are now doing that. If you watch any of their videos you will realize that they themselves have great senses of humor. They’re funny people, and not because they’re differently abled. It actually seems pretty empowering.

omd did u hear about this?


umm sarah silverman is f’n brilliant. I mean honestly.. It’s all imagination, but i wish some of it was real.. i know a few people who need to know a sarah. she makes stupid people feel smart, and makes smart people laugh there asses off!

Wow, she isn’t making fun of retarded people at all…lol you guys are more retarded than the people in this show.

And by the way, this show isn’t made to “laugh at” people with disabilities. Try watching it.

Wow TRal who stuck a stick up your ass today

It’s amazing to see reporters with disabilities conducting interviews with celebrities. It’s inspiring and you just can’t help but respect them.

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