Sarah on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!

Sarah is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, January 20th. They will be airing a recently-filmed tribute video called “Goodbye to Mr. Bush” which also features Sarah. Be sure to check it out!

Update: Watch the video here.

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10 Responses to Sarah on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!

  1. Sarah!!! You were brilliant! Of all the amazing and unforgettable moments of this Inauguration Day, your “Goodbye to Mr. Bush” tribute, which aired first on Keith Olbermann’s show and then on Jimmy Kimmel, was my very favorite!

    You are a genius, to recognize the many remarkable gifts that W. bestowed upon the American public these past 8 years, and truly, you captured them all. There was absolutely nothing he did for us that you didn’t mention. (Nothing… at… all!)

    Sarah Silverman for First Lady, second chair.

  2. dave says:


    this is too much even from you.Its not nice to make fun of a handicapped person even if he did all what you say he did! First Jesus, now you have a pick on Bush, who’s next? The Pope?!

  3. K says:

    Margaret Cho got pope already 😀

  4. c poster says:

    sarah-shame on you.have you no
    respect for the office of the president? did you know lincoln was so hated while in office they killed him. pres.
    bush freed the iraqi people and always kept his word. shame, shame on you and jimmy kimme

  5. dave says:

    I agree completely with you c poster. Its very dangerous to make public accusations especially today, when you can buy nucular weapons anywhere.

  6. Ookie says:


    It’s not “nucular”, it’s “newkyuler”.

  7. dave says:

    aaargh, sorry n e w k y u l e r, I cannot seem to get it right. Like that doors are locked for me forever. Hopefully, some day Ill be able to say “mission accomplished”.

  8. Elizabeth Jurenovich says:

    Yup… heckuva job, Bushie!

  9. Emily says:

    To dave and c poster IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. dave the slave says:

    Dear Emily,

    life is not a cake with cream on top (it sounds much better in hungarian).

    Better luck next time 2012…

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