Happy Holidays!

SSO would like to wish everyone a happy holiday! Here are some holiday videos featuring Sarah that you might enjoy.

Sarah Silverman – Give The Jew Girl Toys

Prank Call to Rent-a-Santa

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4 Responses to Happy Holidays!

  1. S says:

    above one not available for europe

  2. SSO says:

    Thanks S for letting me know. I posted the international youtube link (which will not allow embedding) underneath it.

  3. dave says:

    not available for Europe?!
    I guess we are not good enough for you…
    “Yes Americans think Im funny but Europeans dont understand good humor” kind a thing, huh?!
    Its not because we have so many Arabs, isnt it?

    Well, we dont need it anyway, we have Austrian music and UK foreign policy…who needs Sarah…

    Dissapointed Dave “the Silverman slave”

  4. Diego Lobos says:

    Yariba,Yariba!El Video Es Mucho Bueno and it plays fine En Mexico.Felize Navidad Y Hava Nagila.

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