Lisa Loeb Visits the SSP Set

In case you didn’t notice, Lisa Loeb made a brief cameo on the episode “I Thought My Dad Was Dead But It Turns Out He’s Not.”  Here is some footage of her visiting the set of The Sarah Silverman Program.

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7 Responses to Lisa Loeb Visits the SSP Set

  1. Danielle says:

    Cool footage! Just shows that Sarah is almost the complete opposite of her on stage persona 😛

  2. Paul says:

    I love Lisa Loeb’s music ! you do have to sometimes catch these shows more than once or you miss things

  3. Nick says:

    Kristen Stewart from ‘Twilight’ made a cameo as well! I don’t really care about her but it’s topical.

  4. waw says:

    Sarah and Lisa! Two people who justify human existence…

  5. Ron Scowel says:

    Lisa Loeb is cool,it was crazy when that guy reached for her glasses,(carefull thats Lisa Loeb she is delacate.)That backround music was mesmerizing.

  6. stephen s says:

    Justifying human existence?

    Samuel Jonson v. Bishop Berkley. ‘pon stubbing his vagina:

    “I refute it thus.”

    p.s. loving Thursdays.

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