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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Sarah recently took part in a fashion photo session with Harpers Bazaar magazine where she appears as Bond. Jane Bond. Check out the photos by clicking here.

14 Responses to “Sarah Silverman as Jane Bond”

Ah…cute outfit, hmm… I like your shoes, too!

i had no idea americans liked james bond as much as us brits.

she looks great! hot outfit ;)

wheetwoo, shmexy mama! XD was there an interview with it?

All I can say is: Damn! That’s a movie I’d like to see…!

she’s on a mission to safeguard grandmother’s top secret homemade chicken soup recipe ! (sorry) yeah, so gorgeous I am irrational…

Im a huge fan of sara!!
i looove her, here in mexico is really loved..

… she looks great!!! ;) i want that outfit for next halloween!

photo #6 is beyond me..where’s the emotional context?

otherwise a great set/post.
Sarah should wear the top half of a suit more often !!

She looks sooooooo hot!! I’d luv to see her in a movie as Jane Bond!Mmmmmmmm!!!

did you fuc…… ,matt damen???

In my closet the “Sarah Silverman Program” season 1 dvd box is under the “Bourne Identity” set.
I sense no taboo heat occuring.

Hey Sarah, since today is the birthday of you Sarah Bond-Kimmel-Silverman, I only want to wish her/you good luck for her/your new year and that all her/your dreams – especially those with
Jimmy Kimmel will come true, and many many more lovely things, also many more comedian stand-ups.
All the best and kindest regards

JR from Europe

P.s.: If there is anybody having the e-mail address of her,please, forward this mail to her.

Oh, cool! They got Jay in there, too.
I love the car.

Very sexy & very funny. I dig her so much I won’t even stalk her. Sarah is not to everyone’s taste but that’s just too darn bad. More Sarah for us! YUMMY. Love & air kisses…

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