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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Part 1
Part 2

17 Responses to “Video: Sarah Silverman on Jimmy Kimmel Live”

I’m from Brazil, and i just wanna to tell you that your website is te best that i ever seen, congratulations!!!

Ps¹: Sarah Silverman rockss!!
Ps²: Sorry for my lause english :/


the little movement of the head at the end of the clip is so freaking funny.

is there a word to describe “the movement”

and she looks the same as she looks now. one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

an adorable kid grew up to be a beautiful woman!

p.s this interview was weird…

Jimmy tried to roast Sarah and She took it with eloquence.They put on a nice performance of sorts?(thumbs up!).Do I sence a scosh of sexual tension?

wow so i loved the whole set up of “awkwardness” they are so funny together….

they are back together, no?

Sarah rules! I’m so confused are they together or not..it seemed pretty awkward

Sarah asks : … when we were apart?

I assume that means that they are not apart anymore.


that was so funny! It was so funny seeing her and kimmel back on the air together. I wonder if she’ll use that in her standup. Anyone going to see her at Club Nokia on 11/21?

Sarah has threads of metaphysical webs of fate.
I saw it in 89.
I feel awesome noticing she would interfere with my plan for world………………uhhhh….2012………….ummmm PEACE. HAIL SATAN.
(It was a typo—I think Sarah is better than awesome. St.N—ick.)

After all that -I like all Illuminati stuff.— except Ben Franklin-love that guy. Anyone who shivers around me might be excluded….

Hey Sarah !

Thank you so much for the Great Schlep !

You contributed a lot to the Victory of the Democrats :)

That idea was so witty and awsome :)

P.S.: You looked stunning in that blue dress you wore on JKL!!!

Left by Gloria on November 4th, 2008

Sarah is beautiful.

Sarah is beautiful and funny….
I agree…



I really hope she’s not back with Jimmy.

He’s not funny at all and his talk show is terrible.

sarah i love you!!
every Wednesday you rocks all at sony here.

Sarah was great……….

in the Howard stern shows, the 1st & “smelling Richards balls”, Celeb poker, and “someone to
eat cheese with”.

Its all going down hill right now.

The last bit of this (clip) interview was
really dorky!! I think she was embarrassed

Sorry, didn’t like the interview.

And Jimmy K.?
They should cut his freekin balls off!
Sarah, you are weak if you go back to
that blob.

I love that dress! I want it! Wonder where I can get one….

She’s so funny. Is anyone planning to go to her show at Nokia Live on 11/21?

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