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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Sarah will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, October 30th. Mark your calendar!

16 Responses to “Sarah on Jimmy Kimmel Live”


YAY, reunion!!!

If anyone has seen the Howard Stern interview you will know they are officialy back together, although it is being done on the q.t. It’s a starting over of sorts and mending what’s wrong. Well, that’s my take from the interview, if anyone has picked up a different message from it, I would like to hear it. So, everything is cool between them.

First, this is the best moment of my life!!!!!! well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Second, where is this howard stern video…I need to see it! Thanks.

Youtube is where it’s at.

this interview is gona be ace!…did i just ace?

I bet you they are going to announce that their breakup was a just a joke ( / publicity stunt).

Jimmy Kimmel is HOT!

Hey! Anyone! Why isn’t it published here? I didn’t see, it, dunno what happened. Anyone?!?! Info pleaaseee!!


Hey Sarah !

Thank you so much for the Great Schlep !

You contributed a lot to the Victory of the Democrats :)

That idea was so witty and awsome :)

P.S.: You looked stunning in that blue dress you wore on JKL!!!

Hey to Sarah and Jimmy,

please,please, do not split off. You are such an uncomparable and wonderful couple. Please, show the
world, that love will overcome all differencies. May
God keep his everlasting blessings always upon both
of you. You are both wonderful and creative personalities. Join together to a united “WE” . If
not, I surely will forget my interests in your shows.
I really pray for you.Please,please, never give up.
Kindest regards

JR from Europe

JR from Europe is funny. ha

Hi Smokey, really can´t understand your mail,ha ha ???

i know Sarah aint gonna read this lmao, but i realy enjoy her work. keep it up. and visit connan o brian somtime soon k. :)

JR from Europe…

“Join together to a united “WE” . If
not, I surely will forget my interests in your shows.”

You’re just adorable.


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