Friday Night with Jonathon Ross

Here is video from Sarah’s appearance on the British show Friday Night with Jonathon Ross.


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24 Responses to Friday Night with Jonathon Ross

  1. Dave says:

    So happy to see you in the UK Sarah! (American here in the uk the last 12 years)

    Cant wait to see your show tomorrow!
    BTW Learn some more british-ism’s hehe come visit northern england!


  2. DjT says:

    He missed the chance to kiss her bum on her way out. lol

  3. ilovesarah2 says:

    that was funny … at the end … the rest was a bit painfull to watch (like pulling teeht) … weird interview. he was lauging a lot at his own ‘jokes’.

  4. Danielle says:

    yeah it was weird interview. hmm..

  5. stephen s says:

    That interview didn’t seem bad at all.
    Sometimes I wish America was a censorshipless as UK, but there’s always a catch…

  6. Megan Shannon says:

    That was a good interview! Or should I say ‘jolly good’? lo
    I liked the bit where he’s like “I have something for you” and Sarah sticks her ass in his face- he secretly loved it!

  7. kieran digney says:

    I aint heard much of sarah before watching jonathon ross and 8 out of 10 cats. Now im a big fan, love her sense of humour, shes so funny

  8. Vicky Newton says:

    She was funny on the show but her appearance at Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday was surely the end of her in the UK. Shame.

  9. Danielle says:

    don’t say that! :(

  10. kieran digney says:

    shes here for the secret policemans ball is she not or meant to be

  11. Hazel says:

    Sarah’s show at the Hammersmith Apollo was quite possibly the worst comedy performance ever witnessed in the UK. She completely blew her chance, and lost lots of potential fans in the process! Still trying to get a refund for the £47 it cost to buy the ticket…….I won’t make that mistake again!

  12. Dean says:

    Everyone is overreacting! Her show was great and the audience was well into it. My only criticism is that it was a little short.

    Btw, i paid £70 for my ticket close to the stage and im not complaining.

  13. Hazel says:

    You are very much in the minority, but if you had a good night I’m pleased for you.

    She had some good jokes, but her show was far too short and her lack of preparation was clear for all to see. Her inability to improvise made me (and many of the people in my section) wonder if she writes her own material………

  14. jinx says:

    was her show really that bad?

  15. stephen s says:

    “Across the Pond” comedy is difficult. There’s a lot of psychic abuse that goes on. Try it for yourself.

  16. Matthew Rose says:

    I love Sarah Silverman but even as an ardent fan I came away disappointed on Sunday. Her act was great, the material was funny, but anyone who thinks they can charge £50 ($100) for a ticket and do a 40 minute act is crazy. And to not even have an encore prepared was so strange. Surely she should have anticipated the audience wanting one? It’s standard at comedy shows.

    I think the thing that upset me was that I know she has more material she could have done and that she hadn’t prepared properly. And that Q&A she hastily did was cringeworthy at best.

    Oh dear. Let’s hope she can sort it out and come back and take the UK by storm in a couple of years time.

  17. Jan Peter Scheffer says:

    Paradise regained… Sarah Silverman… suddenly she stuck her ass out towards Jonathan Ross… my mouth fell open.. gasping… I think I’m in looove! Post-feminist über-minx! I’ve seen the future of Humand Kind, and it is full of fruity goodness.

  18. Vicky Newton says:

    Don’t comedians have a 10-minute routine always ready for encores or parties or something? She should have, I can’t believe she couldn’t come up with ONE joke when she came out on the stage again. SS is basically very bad at improv. She can’t say anything that’s not scripted. She should go see one of Margaret Cho’s shows and get some tips.

  19. dan says:

    have to agree with everyone about the show at hammersmith apollo. Very lame indeed. i was a big fan but to be charged £47 for about 40 minutes of re hashed jokes was very poor indeed. She might have got away with it if it had been in a small comedy club but in front of 3500 people. And her encore was just embarrassing. Come back in a few years and be a bit more prepared next time.

  20. katherine says:

    i was really looking forward to seeing sarah live but what a let down. the show was too short for the ammount i paid for two tickets ….. sarah you have blown it for the uk comedy scene. what a shame and who put together that items before you came on stage they should be sacked !!!

  21. moki says:

    Part 2 is better, where she does sexy stuff! I’m in luv with her!

  22. Igziabeher says:

    you brits are a tough crowd. big deal, she had one show that wasn’t up to your expectations. that pretty much offsets her entire body of work then. what a bunch of blowhards.

  23. Hazel says:

    I’m not British and neither were quite a lot of people in the audience. Thanks for your input though.

  24. MARCELA says:

    Woosy must be cringing for the entire duration of this interview…

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