Sarah on Letterman

Here is video from Sarah’s appearance last night on The Late Show with David Letterman.

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13 Responses to Sarah on Letterman

  1. Danielle says:

    cool interview :) loved her outfit too!

  2. Megan Shannon says:

    She’s so hot! Guys must be lined up at her door now that Jimmy’s outta the way. :)

  3. waw says:

    “May i touch your knee?”
    “I wish you would”
    Sarah is so gracious and charming in this interview (what else is new, eh?). I love how she kept her cool and her sense of humor and totally deflected his grilling her about her and Jimmy.

  4. Kelly says:

    You Rock! Thanks for making me laugh!

  5. ilovesarah2 says:

    looking a bit out of shape there, did she gain
    some weight? but she is funny!

  6. osmutante says:

    Everytime someone mentions Jimmy it threatens to kill the whole conversation. But, she recovered well and it was another class appearance.

  7. HAHAHAHALARIOUS! What a friggen legend. And David Letterman is just a spaz when he hassles anyone that is actually fun and funny, and not just a spaz like Paris or MAdonna.

  8. Stephen S. says:

    Sarah is beautiful to me so far. (I love pandering sometimes.)

  9. Cheryl Baker says:

    Sarah, I seen you on Letterman and loved you!
    Sorry about your split and sorry he hurt you.
    Your doing a grate job while hurting. Stay strong!

  10. DOUGLAS CLARK says:



  11. Joeseph Marto says:

    Did a great job covering the skirt area.

  12. Jaya says:

    whahahah she rules! I also really liked the third episode of season 3 the first 2 not so much. But yeah..she very funny

  13. DjT says:

    Call me off the mark, but I am super curious what she was wearing. She definitely looked hot in it.

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