Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Sarah was recently on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Check out her appearance by clicking on the video below:

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18 Responses to Countdown with Keith Olbermann

  1. S says:

    wow, that’s bizzare – seeing a serious figure like olbermann with her

  2. waw says:

    Sarah Silverman and Keith Olbermann–two of my heroes, together at last…Rock on!

  3. Fello Green says:

    During this election we have had many exiting moments.But having concerned artist is great,Sahrah and others arent afraid to tell it like it is.

  4. Maria says:

    Sarah is everywhere lately! That’s really cool.

  5. RSG says:

    Does anyone have a better quality image of Sarah’s picture with Al Gore?

  6. JPL says:

    Question: Why does Sarah want her fellow Jews to vote for same person that groups like Hamas also want to win? Does she endorse the destruction of Israel too?

  7. MitchE323 says:

    I understand that an ego is required to even get up on a stage and perform what you think an audience will appreciate. But how incredably huge must your ego be to even think that you should be influencing anyones choice as to an election? Or is it just “drama types” need to “make a differance”? I actually am an Obama supporter, do you realize how much you are actually HURTING the cause?

  8. Ookie says:


    AFAIC, if you are a celebrity, you have an obligation to use your visibility to promote the causes you believe in. (She certainly can’t be hurting Obama’s campaign more than Palin is hurting McCain every time she’s on TV, although she’s almost as funny.)

    Based on her “Support the War” video, Sarah’s in favor of peace. Peace benefits everyone, including Israel.

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  10. MitchE323 says:

    @ Ookie – haha So now it is her “obligation”? “Oh my, I just have to tell the world what I am thinking now. They will be so appreciative. They will finally give me the attention I need.” Do you even understand the meaning of the word; Obligation? What about God? Any thoughts from the all-knowing one on that? Any way to instruct the little people on how to think about that? Does she not have an “obligation” there? Unbelievable! Move over Shirley McClain.

  11. Ed Fernandez says:

    Why would anyone blackmail their grandparents by telling them they won’t visit them again unless they vote for an unqualified candidate who has no idea of how to run a government, no experience in military matters to become Commander in Chief and wants to cut funding for our military? Just because he’s young, black and has a gift of BS??? don’t forget the tried and true adage: Old Guys RULE!!!
    ED F.

  12. Ookie says:


    I disagree with Sarah on many things, but
    I have more respect for someone who stands up for their beliefs than someone who just collects a paycheck. If God blesses you with a lot of money, shouldn’t you give more to causes you believe in? If God has blessed Sarah with an audience, she should use her noteriety to address her causes. Don’t you think her video about Burma was a worthwhile cause?

  13. MitchE323 says:

    @Ookie – Of course anyone, regardless of money or audience, has the right to state their beliefs. That is a distraction you will not be able to pull me into. Trying to influence someones vote, and asking others to do the same clearly crosses the line. Let’s get the comparisons back on track. What if it were the hungry? What if the deal was; vote the way I want you to and you will get some food. No vote, no food. That is exactly in line with what Sarah is doing. The fact that she does not realize that, is what points to her ego.

  14. Phil says:

    She can’t see the true hate in her own backyard. She thinks Democrats love the jews. Show me anywhere where they led the vote to do anything for the Israel. She’s a piper and dosen’t know it.

  15. MitchE323 says:

    @Ookie – You know, you made a few points on the fact that if someone is blessed in having an audience, that they had an obligation as to their beliefs. Consider something for me. America has a fairly solid history on supporting Israel. There has been money sent, their has been lives sent. Just on a basis of pure odds; approximately 50% of the money sent has come from the paychecks of American Republicans. Approximately 50% of the lives given have been Republican also. Both parties are fairly equal in their willingness to support Israel with that money, and with those lives. I submit to you that the “obligation” that Sarah has is to “suspend” her individual beliefs, in acknowledgement of the total good that America has done for Israel. That ability is what is God given. Again, I am a Democrat and support Obama, but least anyone get the wrong idea – I am an American first. Our enemies need to understand that.

  16. Yes Sarah, I am the 80 year old Jew who email you and told you that I voting for Barack Obama. I not those ignorant Jewish retirees who are afraid of Obama, I am pretty ashamed that my own kind can be so narrow minded. All they have to do is go to Israel and just talk or email them and they will find out who the Israeli’s are backing here in the U.S.A. I have been a Democrat all my life and I am proud that I am. I have worked with Clinton, I worked and supported Lawton Chiles one of the best governor’s that Florida had as well as Senator Graham. I know you published my comment in your blog and I am proud hat you did and just hope some of those backward retiree’s had a chance to see it, that not all old Jews are stupid. God bless you, your a credit to all young people.

  17. Ookie says:


    I don’t believe that Sarah is truly suggesting to young Jews that they “blackmail” their elders by withholding visits. It’s typical of her humor. She’s just encouraging them to talk about their reasons for voting for Obama…just like you and I talk with our friends. “Blackmailing” someone into changing their vote would indeed be wrong. I would further venture to say that Sarah’s not serious about Obama being a better supporter of Israel, either. She favors Obama for other reasons (e.g.-the Iraq War.) Personally, I think both parties will have the same approach to Israel.

  18. Mitche323 says:

    @Ookie – Understood. In Sarahs’ case, I believe you are probably right. The mix of comedy and satire indeed would total into a situation as you describe. And I also do not mean to disrespect someone such as Sarah on her very own website. I will finish up though that there are many others in the entertainment world that voice this same “obligation”, now that they have been blessed with a God given “talent”. My advice to most of them is to stay happy, enjoy the money you have, try to keep quiet, and under the radar. After all, you really might not want people to suddenly wonder how you got there in the first place. But your points on Sarah are well placed, and accepted. (smile)

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