Season Premiere Debuts Tonight!

Don’t forget that The Sarah Silverman Program season premiere debuts tonight, October 8th, on Comedy Central at 10:30ET. There will also be a new episode airing tomorrow night, October 9th, at 10:30ET.

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5 Responses to Season Premiere Debuts Tonight!

  1. bob marcus says:

    I think it’s remarkable
    how two women could’ve taken
    such different paths; her sister* chose TORAH while Sarah chose TORA! TORA ! TORA!

    *Sarah’s sister is a Rabbi

  2. Jesse says:

    Does anyone know when it will air in Canada, is it the same or is it a week later like the past season?

  3. Kyle says:

    Brian SMASH!!!

  4. waw says:

    very appropriate music for this ad!
    Can’t get enough of Big S!

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