Don’t Vote…

…unless you care about healthcare, civil rights, gas prices, the war, etc. Sarah recently took part in a PSA with some other celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Bacon, and many more. The video encourages viewers to register to vote for this upcoming presidential election and then to share the video with five friends. Check it out below:

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24 Responses to Don’t Vote…

  1. Martha Smeaton says:

    Sorry. Too earnest. We are the world.

  2. johnny says:

    jonah hill totally stole that darfur joke from sarah when she hosted the independent spirit awards.

  3. Danielle says:

    sarah makes that bra out the sleeve thing look so easy. it is a lot harder than it looks. i dont like these things…I just can’t help but laugh

  4. disgustedinDetroit says:

    how do these self obsessed egomaniacs think that they can tell us what do and what do think
    they should ashamed because we live in a DEMOCRACY which includes the right not to vote!
    (except 4 sarah obviously, who is hilarious)

  5. Becky says:

    Love it! Hilarious! What’s up with the negative comments on just trying to promote some initiative in a creative way…chill out dudes! Laugh… and then go vote.

  6. jenny says:

    hey becky
    ain’t they alowed 2 have there own opinion?!?!

  7. jenny says:

    becky why are you hyperlinking your name 2 a commercial website ?

  8. Ookie says:

    You have the right to not vote and therefore be part of the problem. Good luck with your mortgage, health care, fuel expenses, and basic freedoms. Lots of people died for your right to vote, but hey, who cares?

  9. jasper says:

    who cares?
    not you obviously
    you can’t see that mental infiltration is highly dangerous and that our freedom depends on pushing the boundaries and not accepting the status quo
    something that you seem eager to do.

  10. jasper says:

    You seem a worthy opponent but i’ve not the time nor patience to continue so farewell.

  11. Igziabeher says:

    wicked edgy brah.

  12. Fello Green says:

    Leonardo could have made a great car salesman,he makes me want to vote(pug).Sarah shines through everyones performance.I nominate Sarah as President of the World?

  13. J says:

    Wote Hillary

  14. james says:

    “jonah hill totally stole that darfur joke from sarah when she hosted the independent spirit awards.”

    yep. he had a lot of nerve doing that in a video WITH sarah.

  15. K says:

    “how do these self obsessed egomaniacs think that they can tell us what do and what do think”

    all that kind of comments, how fucking stupid you are? do you think that they come all together and thinked that hey lets make a video. not think so 😀
    think it like that, these are actors that act anything for money and we adore them. why shouldnd juse them to bend them.
    they are acting on that allso or what? 😀

  16. K says:

    sorry “bend US”

  17. Bob Dixon says:

    Sarah, maybe you should learn from your grandparents age, wisdom and experience. Your buddy Barrack is not only unqualified and too inexperienced to be the President of this great country of ours, but he is on the side of the people that want to completely destroy your people and make this a Socialist country. We were doing pretty good economically, until “we” voted for a change a little over 2 years ago, when gas was a buck 89, the stock market was great and unemployment was at an all time low. Then we got Nancy, Barney, Dodd and Harry Reid to lead us and everything fell in the crapper. Did you know that the President can’t spend a dime or pass a bill? He just signs what Congress gives him. They spend it. How much more change can you afford? Yup, ole GW screwed up with Iraq, but I’d rather fight WWIII in that part of the world than Hollywood. Remember, the Muslims declared war on the world and it will last until the last Muslim terrorist is in his, or her, grave. But what the heck, I’m kinda poor and could use some of your money. Now, get your head out of your ass and write some jokes.

  18. Phil says:

    Prove to me that the Dems will back the jewish state and I will vote for Obama. even the true Dems like jackson.At least I don’t have to worry about you, because your one of the jews that think you don’t count. Jessie J. likes you!

    Yeh right! yours truly Mexican Phil!

  19. Michael says:

    that is one dumb video. Not funny and shows how uninformed you are. Stick to comedy and stay out of politics as the rest of left wing America hating liberals.You should read up on community organizers in1930s Germany before you speak with disrespect to the generation that lived through it.
    shame on you!

  20. ficklepickle says:

    Oh Michael, you kill me :)

    What, that wasn´t a joke???

    Well, I think people should vote IF they have someone they want to vote for. If not, then don’t vote. Voting is only part of democracy. You can also participate in demonstrations, join organizations, write to politicians etc.

  21. Lan says:

    Politics is serious stuff. Organized criminals…oops…legislators. Like Bob says, it doesn’t matter who is President of the United States of America. Oh. Look at all the experience W had. No wonder they made a movie before he is even out of office.
    It is your civic responsibility to vote. You don’t have to vote for the two who made it on television, you can vote for whomever you want. Eventually, the people of the United States of America will demand a better system for choosing a leader.

  22. OMG says:

    To all the posters who made this political.

    Please, this isn’t about partisan, bi-partisan, or any other kind of politics. Just a bunch of people (who happen to be famous) who are trying to get people to vote. If you care about any of those issues, one way or another- vote. They weren’t specifically asking that you vote for one candidate or another- if you want to, write down your own name, or the name of your favorite fictional character, or even *gasp* one of the candidates- just vote. Please.

    The amount of people who vote matters as much as which candidate gets the most votes. It means that the citizens of america care about the issues at hand. I know many people who think the election has nothing to do with them- they believe they don’t have to vote… not because we live in a democracy, and therefor have the right to vote, or not, as we please; but because they think the issues don’t affect them.

    we need to convince these people to vote. the hard core supporters of one candidate or another will vote- it’s everybody else who needs to vote too.

  23. moderator says:

    please, do not hyperlink you name to a web address.

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