Sarah on The View

Sarah will be on The View Tuesday, October 7th on ABC. Mark your calendar!

Update: Click here to watch the entire interview.

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16 Responses to Sarah on The View

  1. mary says:

    Will video from the View be on here?

  2. alexis says:

    shes hilarious every time she’s in an interview i so watching it!!

  3. zach says:

    I love her shes so funny! finally some1 who doesn’t censore her self so ppl will like her better. I can’t wait till season 2B of the sarah silverman program!

  4. Wayward Stellar says:

    Wonderfull to see Sarah out of character an beeing intervewed by Whoopi and Barbara.I would be stupid to not watch it.

  5. censored says:

    why are my posts deleted? I think this show sounds like the worst kind of grossness. Can’t they find less repulsive women. I worry about feminism.

  6. S says:

    yea, you guys better youtube this for us infidels living in non-americaland

  7. h.d. says:
    just found this video of mccain on youtube! SHOCKING!

  8. jenniforhillary says:

    The View is an embarassment to me as a woman and I find it to be as offensive as any pornography.

    As a jew, I find Sarah Silverman and her support of Barack Hussein Obama to be simply more of the same type of brutal anti-women, anti-jew, anti-american, and ABSOLUTELY just plain dumb behavior I see on The View.

    Sad…very very sad….

  9. RIChris says:

    It’s always nice to see women who share their thoughts with one mind. But it would be nicer to see women who have their own.

  10. Ookie says:

    Singer/songwriter Nellie McKay reminds me of Sarah’s personality. They both look so young/innocent that it is hilarious when they start talking. Nellie sings in the style of a smooth jazz, Sinatra-type lounge singer, but her lyrics are those of a raging feminist & animal rights activist. Nellie was on The View a few years back and they thought she was as demure & conservative as she looks.
    It was really funny because the hosts didn’t understand the savagely subtle satire in Nellie’s lyrics.

  11. Nick says:

    Isn’t this a continuation of season two and not a brand new season three?? That’s why the season two dvd’s say ‘volume one’ on the bottom, right?

  12. hahah says:

    I find Sarah very offensive especially because I am jewish and I live in Florida. Sarah ask Joe Lieberman if Obama is Pro- Isreal.. honey he is not for us.

  13. Brooke says:


    WTF is your problem. The view is extremely offensive especially fat and loud mouth Joy. She is obnoxious. I will never buy anything you sell or any tickets to any show you are at. You should be embarressed and do not represent the Jewish community at all!!

  14. Jake says:

    Nick, yea it’s season 2B.

  15. jessica says:

    everyone that doesn’t like sarah what the hell r u watching her stuff for or even going to her site it is her right as urs to talk so shut up

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