Barack Obama PSA

Sarah recently filmed a political PSA titled “The Great Schlep” asking Jews to vote for Barack Obama. Check it out:

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55 Responses to Barack Obama PSA

  1. Bubba says:

    Dis hear is BUBBA> All U peeples whut I dun deklaird to be ignernt stand yore asses up and sho me my due respekt. Dat’s all respekt dat cums from whut I dun writ on 3 and 6 oct.

    Hear it iz 12 Oct and sum of U reallie dumbkopfs ain’t payin narry no attenshun 2 whut I dun writ. I rekun U nead 2 go back and reed whut I dun writ. That thair nise fellow on TV whut dumped her skinnie hairy ass whut spouts less vile stinkin s__t than whut cums outta her mouth. Cind her down hear and my granmammy will lurn her how 2 akt like a ladie.Now git with the program and wrote me a emale with yoar apologies for disrespekting Bubba
    Bubba ain’t alwaze right but he shoar ain’t never left. Hee Hee


  2. Christina says:

    Too funny, I’m gonna have my Nana watch this. I love it!

  3. ed3530 says:

    Hey, Alex K,

    Did you ever hear of the word “humor”? How about “facetious”? Sarah, the maidel, is trying to make this somewhat humorous & still make the point. Too bad you missed it.

    Go Sarah!

  4. Marv says:

    Give it up you idiots. Like McCain and Palin would be any better? Let’s try to vote for a president that knows how to pronounce words unlike W.

  5. helen hennessey says:

    hey Bubba why don’t you get real. I think I can spell correctly so, do not call me ignorant. Palin is ignorant when she tries to pass the war in Iraq as something God has willed. It is not God’s war, he wants us to treat our enemies as we do ourselves, at least that is what my King James says and as for McCain, he can follow whomever he wants to the gates of HELL but, he does’nt need to take us all with him. Educate yourself Bubba and pick up a book or watch CNN and stop with your foolish blogs.

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