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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Sarah recently filmed a political PSA titled “The Great Schlep” asking Jews to vote for Barack Obama. Check it out:

55 Responses to “Barack Obama PSA”

Big Fan–until I knew your political views..ps–that Che/Obama poster–Please do research on Che..not a great human being to say the least

wouldnt it be cool if the great schlep was sponsored by that gnome, from the tv?..

What an idiot!

NOBAMA…..NO dirty Sarah SILVERMAN either!

Mr. Williams from Boy Meets World! I miss him. Hey, wasn’t he in that blackface episode?

Very funny. Except for the empty catchphrases of course. Stability how & why? Protect social security how?
1. Israel is perfectly stable. The problem is bad people are trying to destroy it. How will moral ambiguity help Israel?
2. Social security is basically money that was collected by the government and spent a long time ago. There aren’t tens of billions of dollar the government owes retired people stashed away somewhere. That money doesn’t exist anymore, so what exactly is Obama gonna protect? A corrupt, inefficient system that’s gonna bancrupt the whole country soon? Nobody is saying to stop paying retired people. What phasing out social security means is to pay out debts from taxpayer’s money, but stop making new debts by collecting social security from young people(and passing it on to future generations to pay that money back to them).

Everything that Sarah says that is NOT during an interview needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s political satire, and offensive, granted. BUT THAT IS WHAT SHE DOES. Forgive the pun. That’s how she makes her jokes.

She’s a young liberal Jew who support gay marriage and Obama is the closest we are going to get to it and it’s an important issue for her. Anyone who didn’t think he cards were lying with him, pay more attention.

And Israel security IS NOT STABLE. Hamas. Hezbollah. Iran. Palestinian Militants. Read the fucking WORLD news before you comment Israel security is secure.

A vote for Obama is a vote for Wright/Farahkan/Jackson
and all the nice guys

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah,,,
It’s not his name… It’s not his pigmentation… It’s his socialist agenda, and there is a very big difference “on the inside” between him and most God-fearing Americans… especially the grandparents I know.

If you think Obama is a friend of the Jews, then I fear you have been misled by some slick marketing. You may as well vote Ahmedinajad! Obama is no more a friend to the Jew than he is a friend to the newborn; He supports early-induction abortion; do you know what that is? It is forcing babies to be born (yes healthy ones too) early, then leaving them in a dark linen closet alone to die of neglect… In short it is infanticide… what is the Jewish view on murder??

Perhaps you should schlep to the side and take another look, use research sources other than demoncrat approved, and realize that you should vote for anyone BUT Obama.

One the most ingenius works of political art I’ve seen in 30 years. Diago Riveria would been hearing footsteps if he weren’t dead. Ok make it Mort Sahl except this was PRO-ACTIVE instead of just commenting. I’m so proud of you!

Did Sarah get my DVD I gave to her manager at the Masonic Aud in SF?

I am embarrassed to even say that I have enjoyed your comedy. So many celebrities have shown their views when I think they should really use their brain and keep their mouth shut. The problem is so many of the stupid ones are backing Obama. Wow what has come of this country. Oh by the way Sarah…. John is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “the Lord is gracious” get a clue

This SHyte is hysterical,Sarahs art brings light to a dull election that without a big jolt is a fucked up borderline 50/50 jober decided by florida or Idaho.

I love that jews call their grandpa’s zaidy! thats soo cool, clearly i have no political no how but i heart jews and i heart sarah so thats good enough for me! Go Obama! hehe

Way to go!!!
I love it! Right on!

But these people commenting who seem to have an entirely backwards view of the universe…what’s up with that?
They REALLY think that John McCain (Mr. “I-wanna-fight-at-the-drop-of-a-hat-because-I-was-so-traumatized-as-a-POW”–a guy who can’t seem to stop reliving that incident over and over–how can that be healthy? A guy who thinks like the folks in the current administration on these issues) is gonna protect Israel by being ‘tough’ or ‘morally clear’? Please!
Hope much koolaid have these people been drinking. They’re like all those supposedly principled, morally clear fools whose ideology brought us the ravages of the CIA during the cold war and the Vietnam war. We need hawks like this like we need another two incredibly stupid wars miring us in quicksand and playing right into the hands of the terrorists. And people who have bought into this fiction that ‘liberals’ are fiscally irresponsible when all the evidence suggests that its the other party that has proven itself to be like wild kids running up daddy’s credit card…I mean, there’s irresponsibility on both sides, but comparatively speaking…come on!
I’m totally for Obama, for a lot of reasons–but for one reason I would NEVER ever reward the party that has done so much damage to this country in the last 8 years as the Republicans have.

And even though I couldn’t resist spouting off, let’s not forget that she’s obviously also doing comedy here…!
And damn well, as always…

I think the message in the video is silly, but some people here are acting like everyone around them has the exact same opinions they have, and when a celebrity says something different they react like some savage in a cave at the sight of an unveiled woman.
How do you interact with people? Do you quit your job if someone brings up this stuff?

Fucking brilliant. rethugians are jealous because there are no funny rethugians…except bush but when he’s funny it’s just a bit sad

Sarah, You are an igorant, brainless, retard with no life. That was the lamest and most desperate move for attention.You are not funny at all. Everything you say is pure stupidity and pointless, what exactly are you gaining fame for? You are such an obnoxious non talented wannabe comedian. This video (and any other “piece of work” that you do) just basically shows the world what a uneducated dumb ass you are, get your facts straight woman!

Sarah you disappointed me with this vid. I really like your humor on stage, i thought you are one of the greatest comedians. But as you sure know, no one of the great comedians in history ever was publicly so explicitly politically one sided. No one.

This vid was like saying “half of people are stupid, and half smart”. Even worse, you clearly stood on the side of “Hollywood majority”. Do great people stand on the side of majority?

Anyway I still think you are great comedian when you’re thinking with your own head. You know, shifting the limits of taboos.

To those criticizing:
Sarah Silverman makes jokes about everything. Obviously one shouldn’t elect a president based on track suits and briskets. Don’t take it so seriously!
In these tragic times we need to have a laugh.
The only thing Sarah is really saying is “consider a vote for Obama.” Do some research and make your own decision. Do you like how the USA has been run for the past 8 years? (And don’t complain, Americans, if you’re not registered to vote.)


I agree, jogging suits are a good idea,… we need to go outside once in a while and enjoy the beautiful parkways and architecture of florida.
How about the mall, and food court?
We can return to a nice plate of hot cookies, that our leaders have provided for us.

This is a lot of ways like when se did the “I’m f*cking Matt Damon” video- it was supposed to be funny.

In a way it’s also diffrent- it has a message. It’s a PSEUDO-racist clip (meaning flase). That’s the kind of comic she is. It was meant as a joke, to elevate moods, to show how voting is segregated to ethnic/cultural/age area’s, WAS A JOKE.

After O’Rielly did a piece on this, heavily edited even though it was quite short as it was, THEN we get all these posting outrage. How many people came to comment on this AFTER seeing that after watching “The Factor”. In his words, “What say you?”. How many?

Finnaly, the ONLY polotical thing in American polotics that she makes public is support for gay marriage. This was a joke. unlike her stage persona, she is a very bright woman. If she wanted to actually endorse him and do it WELL< she wouldn’t have done this video.

Guys, take a Valium, open your eyes, relax, and see it for what it is: A JOKE.

Good post, Ookie. Sarah’s post is also making fun of how difficult it is for us Obama supporters whose elders hold such alien views from ours! I cannot understand their point of view for the life of me and sometimes entertain the same kinds of bizarre ideas about how to save us all from 4 years of worse-than-Bush! I moved my 91-year-old aunt from Lauderdale to Arizona, which will go to McCain anyway. That’s one way to help— move all your grandparents from Florida to a RED State! lol Great bit Sarah!

@ the critics:
Take everything she says with a grain of salt. You are taking this shit way too damn seriously. And people who are calling her ignorant, a nazi, or a moron–grow the hell up. You wouldn’t be standing so haughty and tall, mouthing off like an idiot, if she was right in front of your face talking with you. The internet offers anonymity, but it still doesn’t give you a get out of jail free card when it comes to respect.

Also, Obama is a way better candidate than McCain, get your facts straight.


Shalom Sarah & L’Shana Tova Obama, yeah Mama!

I remember that night in Greenwich Village, 1987, when you sat down to get some Free Advice from me! Looks like it worked! Okay…enough sugar-coating…I think we need another session ASAP! Sometimes you are too in-character for your own good. But, hey, where I am today compared to you? Any Free Advice for The Free Advice Man?

If the coolest New Yorker in History; The Original New York City Free Advice Man (Google that) endorses Senator Barack Obama for President ’08, and former Mayor Ed Koch too…then why don’t you? (Not you, Sarah, but whoever else will read this!). Too see The Free Advice Man’s endorsement just put Fenyo and Obama…and voila!
Lova ya Sarah Silverman!

The link to The Free Advice Man BLOG is being hijacked again!
So try this link here:

Hahaha, Sarah Silverman makes me so happy. This ad also makes me happy.

From reading these posts, it is pretty clear that actually, Americans CAN pretty easily be divided up into ‘stupid’ and ‘not stupid’ categories, Sarah belonging in the latter category.
If Americans continue to vote Republican after all the damage they (from Reagan onwards) have done politically, environmentally and economically to literally the entire world, then we are all well and truly buggered.

Trying to convince Jews to unite behind a Muslim is a direct attack on Christians. Jesus will judge you. I can only pray for.

Jews4Jesus, Obama is not Muslim. That was a very ignorant thing to say.

Sarah didn’t do her research before she decided to support Obama. Since Obama attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years don’t you think he is friendly with Farrakhan. You know, the guy that thinks “Hitler was a great man” and has accused Jewish people of victimizing African Americans. Oh, and please don’t forget about him calling Judaism, “a gutter religion”. All of that and Rev. Wright’s church gives him an award (Trumpeter Award). Guess Obama didn’t know that either since Wright is like family to him as well as his advisor. Come on Sarah, don’t insult us…do your homework! Don’t hop on the bandwagon because your movie star buddies do.

Dis hear iz Bubba. Mi buds given me that naim kauze it fitz, and kauze I komand respekt. I rekun I dun figgered out how kum that kimeal feller dun kiked U to the kurb. U don’t speek like a ladie and U do not reprezent Jewisch ladies respektfullie. U nead to koncentrate on whut U wer maid and bornded 2 do. Git a realitie show and lurn us how U kontrol yure bodie hare, Man U got sum bodie hare. Methinks U is wun of them kloset voaterz whut voats fer Mckane and that gud lookin heifer whut runz Alaska.

Respekts and dem xoxoxo thingies

Loved the video! Did you know that Jackie Mason has made a response to the video?


You’ve got to do a Mason-response video Sarah!

What have you been smoking? Don’t you do ANY research before you do something as important as endorse the possible next leader of the free world, (until he gets there, that is)..?? If you want Israel to continue…at all… you need to tell the world it was a spoof! and what fool could believe Obama’s generalities, disguised as plans? CHECK the record!!! DO NOT read the New York Times, People or Us magazine. Check the ACTUAL record. THEN… apologise to those who listen to your juvenile naivetes and start to act as if national security matters!

Dear Sarah Silverman & Friends;

Please sign my petition:


By doing this you will help bring about Greater Wisdom throughout the world!
And we could sure use more WISDOM, eh?!

…Arrggghhhhhhhh,My dear departed Great Grandmother is channeling through me…

Oy vey,

Such a girl, a real sheyne, as pretty as any shiksa out there, then, oy gevalt, she opens up such a mouth on her, like some kind of gonnif! Such a foul mouth gets my schpilkus worked up. (Have I told you how my schpilkus is lately? Could be better, Oy, it should happen to that Iranian momzer,calls himself President, and forgets to use his necktie, such a Schlemeel!)

The Good Lord bless her loving Bubby and Zeda, she is not such a good girl making threats for her Bubby and Zeda.

It is highly offensive that this young pisher suggests that our grandparents are racist!!! That would be the only way we would need to schlepp to Florida to convince them to vote for IV league educated, no-ebonics speaking elitist.

Shame on you Sarah, for exploiting your Jewishness.

I’m so proud of you Sarah, I love you !!

As a JEW from FLORIDA. There is no way any of us are going to vote for Obama.

John McCain is what’s good for the United States and Israel.

just found this video of mccain on youtube! SHOCKING!

I think this was brilliant. Way to go Sara. She is right-on about Americans in general and their ignorance due to the outer appearence and namesake of Obama, all Americans! How could anyone even consider McCain a serious canidate when he is running with the female equivalant of Bush when it comes to speaking to the American people. I know that they hid her away for a couple of weeks to train her on how to speak but, I think they should have had someone besides George W. teaching her.(beings he fairs so well with his own appearances). Get real America!!!!! This election is now or never. Yes we will, we have to for the sake of our children!!!!!

Dis hear iz Bubba:
Bubba mite B dumbern a brik, but Bubba ain’t ignernt like dat Helen Hennessey ladie femail persun. Helen and Sarah both ain’t amongst the enfoarmed ladies in this hear grait kuntrie we kall USA. Unenfoarmed ladies outta understaind that Politiks iz cerius stuff and onlie enfoarmed peeple nead to voat so as that Obama fella whut don’t like peeple to no heiz half white doant git elekted. Hiz ole ladie got herself a rascist atitued. She doan’t like Crackers, maybie dat’s why Obama doan’t want us 2 no he got hisself some Cracker blood.

Hey: I no I am a dumbass hick, but I kan add up the numberz, and the numberz say we doan’t nead no rascist peeple livin in that big ole White House plase.

God bless this hear USA and may God help these hear rascists peeple try 2 unnerstaind that we are bornded and we are whut we R. No nead to deny or try 2 hide the fakts. Fakts iz fakts, and that’s a quoat from some fella whut iz smarter than me, and heiz rite. Ya’ll outta help me edukate theeze peeple whut are ignert like Sara and Helen.


[…] Sarah made a video to encourage people to get their Jewish grandparents to vote for Obama in Florida. It is called “The Great Schlep.” You can see the video here. […]

I am at work and I just seen the view, with Sara on today. I went to youtube, and watched the Matt Damon video and I thought it was funny. I also heard them say on the view her show came on tonight or tomorrow night and I thought I might start watching it. Cause it is hard to find funny on TV.
As the show was going to a comercial they said for everyone to go to youtube and watch the The Great Schlep. I did and man was I suprized. After watching this video I will never watch a single episode of the Sara Silver man, I never have and I never will. Way to go you dumbass!!!!!! I bet you loose more viewers than you gain.

Thank you Sarah Silverman. If their were more people out there with more courage and less racial hatred or disgust then America might be the true super power of the world. But here is the question for all those who see the world through a distorted lens, ask yourself this. Can you walk with a limp but pretend to not be crippled. Or can a crippled walk move without the motion of prejudice. Or does it matter?
Great work Sarah Silverman.

Dear Sarah,

I have just watched your ‘The Great Schlep’ video: Congratulations. You have every right to feel proud of yourself.

I don’t have Jewish grandparents living in Florida, but if I did, I’d ask them to vote for Obama, not because he’s the ‘goodest’ candidate we’ve ever had, but because he’s a lot ‘gooder’ than McCain, who’s ever so much better than the bush-league BOOB in the White House who has bumbled into wars, bundled possibly innocent people off to be tortured and brought down Wall Street, and all in eight years, give or take a few months. (Which seems a lot for even Jewish grandparents to make right in one election.)

James Wiegert

Sarah: what goes around comes around.

Sarah you ROCK as usual!!!!

Dis hear is BUBBA> All U peeples whut I dun deklaird to be ignernt stand yore asses up and sho me my due respekt. Dat’s all respekt dat cums from whut I dun writ on 3 and 6 oct.

Hear it iz 12 Oct and sum of U reallie dumbkopfs ain’t payin narry no attenshun 2 whut I dun writ. I rekun U nead 2 go back and reed whut I dun writ. That thair nise fellow on TV whut dumped her skinnie hairy ass whut spouts less vile stinkin s__t than whut cums outta her mouth. Cind her down hear and my granmammy will lurn her how 2 akt like a ladie.Now git with the program and wrote me a emale with yoar apologies for disrespekting Bubba
Bubba ain’t alwaze right but he shoar ain’t never left. Hee Hee


Too funny, I’m gonna have my Nana watch this. I love it!

Hey, Alex K,

Did you ever hear of the word “humor”? How about “facetious”? Sarah, the maidel, is trying to make this somewhat humorous & still make the point. Too bad you missed it.

Go Sarah!

Give it up you idiots. Like McCain and Palin would be any better? Let’s try to vote for a president that knows how to pronounce words unlike W.

hey Bubba why don’t you get real. I think I can spell correctly so, do not call me ignorant. Palin is ignorant when she tries to pass the war in Iraq as something God has willed. It is not God’s war, he wants us to treat our enemies as we do ourselves, at least that is what my King James says and as for McCain, he can follow whomever he wants to the gates of HELL but, he does’nt need to take us all with him. Educate yourself Bubba and pick up a book or watch CNN and stop with your foolish blogs.

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