Sarah’s Emmy Acceptance

Here is video of Sarah accepting her award at the 2008 Creative Emmy Awards.

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12 Responses to Sarah’s Emmy Acceptance

  1. shole says:

    so nervous!

  2. mitch says:

    Sarah’s the best in comedy in many a year!

  3. Danielle says:

    Yay! XD ..didn’t know Cat Deeley was presenting, my sat morning presenter from sm:tv live!…. Good job Sarah! XD

  4. Alexa says:

    oh god i love her to death she’s hysterical. she looked gorgeous i loved her outfit

  5. Adolfo Minelli says:

    how sad that this mindless crap gets rewarded. now we know how empty and stupid the Emmy’s truly are.
    has anyone stopped to notice how low the bar has been dropped from where we once were to where we are?!
    from a true genius like Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett, who made millions laugh without taking the cheap and easy way out of using obscenities, to the overrated and worthless, sarah suckmyman?
    shocking how she splits up with kimmel AFTER, her career is established. yeah, real shocking.
    anyone who heard her tasteless jokes about the death of Eric Clapton’s son, at a press conference at comic con, knows that a award like an emmy is the last thing this hairy, moronic skank deserves.

  6. Merve Heartstone says:

    Sarah is a modern day Lucille Ball with more freedom.Her jokes are laughable and thought provoking.

  7. Alexa says:

    okay well adolfo that’s great that you have ur own opinion on her but bashing her on her website is pretty low so shhhh. shut up hitler i love lucy was a stupid show anyways

  8. britney says:

    Do you know what was the funniest part about the Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett shows?

    Me neither.

    If you had any clue what you were talking about, you’d know Sarah was in show business LONG before Jimmy “That Guy From The Man Show” Kimmel was a household name. Think I’m just making shit up? Check out and you’ll see she’s been around for over a decade. You probably just don’t have good enough taste in television or movies to be familiar with her work. Fag.

  9. dphunkt says:

    that award is the least of which a hairy, moronic skank like Sarah deserves…?right – and that was the best acceptance speech ive ever watched. maybe i was just transfixed (cause she looked great!!1) love that she belted out a few *bleeps* nervously. the closing statements were the best or maybe the megawatt smile. congratz to everyone who logged in and remarked on how a sad an event this is.

  10. Jake says:

    From what I’ve seen Carol Burnett was really funny in her day, Adolfo, but it is the nature of comedy that it fades over time. My generation was not alive when she was on TV, and it would be difficult for us to identify with her humor, and understand some of her references. I would assume it is also hard for nostalgic old men (if you are young and nostalgic that’s even more sad) to identify with this generation and our comedy, be it Sarah’s (who’s been on TV a lot lately), or from other really edgy acts (Attel, Stanhope, Chris Rock, Jim Norton etc.). Come to think of it, you probably would react the same way if you saw Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks or Pryor on stage.
    We can’t all laugh along to Cosby reruns and “observational comedy”, buddy. Some of us are still alive, and we like to be stimulated and shocked.
    As far as Clapton’s son goes, his death has been exploited by the media, because roobs like yourself were glued to their TV’s back in the 90’s, looking for cheap thrills and pretending they care about this boy they’ve never met. In fact this very personal tragedy was all over the news(long before the internet) for so long that it became a permanent fixture in american culture. (almost 2 decades later we all know what you’re talking about, even though some of us are not old enough to have seen it on tv at the time)
    That cultural event is what Sarah brought up in a joke that was completely inpersonal(the joke just needed a random tragedy everybody knows about), certainly not tasteless, so drop the fake outrage, and go watch this amazing new sitcom they keep plugging during the game on CBS. It has all the wacky, safe antics all the other wacky, safe network sitcoms have, just the way I’m sure you like it.(it’s called Worst Week Ever-I had half a dozen douche chills because of it just trying to watch the Colts get their ass kicked again)

    P.S. Sarah’s line still makes me laugh, I don’t know if it will translate well:
    She was telling a story about having fun on the set of her show: Steve(gay guy nr. 1 on the show) used to make Brian(gay guy nr.2) fake-blow him, while telling the story of how Eric Clapton’s son died:)… and then she proceeded to bob her head on the mike and demonstrate exactly how it went( he cwawwed thouh thhe owheen whinndhouuu…

  11. m says:

    HA! that clapton bit cracked me up! Thanks for the explanation.

  12. DjT says:

    The shoes match the purse,… uncanny.

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