Season Premiere October 8th!

The season premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program will air Wednesday, October 8th right after the premiere of South Park on Comedy Central. Another new episode will air the following day, October 9th, on Thursday which will be their usual slot time. Two new episodes the first two days! Mark your calendar!

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6 Responses to Season Premiere October 8th!

  1. Joeseph Marto says:

    I will be sure to watch Your Show,Sarah good job.

  2. MELINA says:


  3. Nick says:

    The preview at Comic-Con had so many moments that made me jump in my seat! One of the characters somehow ends up re-enacting Chris Farley as the over weight motivational speaker!

  4. Ookie says:

    At last! This website has been the only thing to sustain me while I’ve been waiting! I wish the Comedy Central site would have produced some kind of on-line extras to tide us over during the loooong break. They’ve had some interviews lately, but it was a loooong break.

  5. britta says:

    This show is so funnnny. The writers deserve emmies. IT’s a bit hit, haters.

  6. maveta says:

    This forum is probably censored. This show is a joke. It’s idiotic and unfunny. the cast and writers are A bunch of losers who need to go away.

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