2008 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Sarah Silverman, Tom Hanks, and Valerie Bertinelli are just 3 of the stars that will be presenting at the 2008 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards this Saturday, the 13th. The ceremonies are set to air on television the following Saturday, the 20th @ 8pm on ABC!

Update: An edited two-hour version of the 2008 Creative Art Emmy Awards, which took place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, will air on E! on Saturday September 20 at 8PM ET/PT.

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8 Responses to 2008 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

  1. Beattie says:

    Eat your own words Sarah Silverman
    No VMA’s? Britney won 3 awards? How does it feel that you’ll never accomplish what she had by the age of 25 in your mistake of a life? And where is Jimmy? With Ben who is cuter than you are? Gag.

  2. britneyfan says:

    Oh, for fuck’s sake. Let it go, already…

  3. Danielle says:

    yeah stop stirring shit. its OVER!

  4. Jason says:

    You have to be pretty warped to go to a website for someone you dislike.

    You must be a sad little man who lives in his parents’ basement and tries to project your own self-hatred onto other people.

    …and he calls “An MTV Video Music Award” an accomplishment!!! HAHAHA!!!!

    …if only Sarah was as talented as the minstrel-act “embarrasment to humanity” rappers that station parades on a daily basis.

  5. natiloveSarahSilverman says:

    Britney is that you?

  6. Danielle says:

    I agree Jason…

  7. Igziabeher says:

    I think its Chris Crocker.


  8. Jamey says:

    Pop-trollop Britney Spears can’t contribute anything important even at best possible achievement – for christ’s sakes its just sodie-pop music after all. We can get a “Britney” (or any other pop rehash) from most anywhere if we want another one.

    Sarah’s talent and appeal is actually original, on the other hand – she’s giving us something we find we ain’t getting anywhere else.

    The media moguls have been steadily pushing Britney’s relentless “comebacks” down our throats for some years now, despite the public repeatedly showing no ability to keep her low-class trash, flakiness, and bad tastes down. Maybe this latest cash-venture to force-feed Britney’s latest “comeback” will at last take.. And then whoever investors can finally get the return on their “Britney career” investments.

    Maybe now that Britney is going to make an album of music – she will become REALLY-EXTRA eligible for music awards now!

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