Stand-Up: London

Sarah will be performing in London, UK at the Hammersmith Apollo on October 19th. Click here for tickets!

Photo courtesy of Mary Forrest.

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  1. harvey says:


  2. Danielle says:

    hehe XD

  3. Kurt says:

    when is she performing in germany :(

    I would pay any price !!!
    ! I love you sarah !

  4. Ashley Godfrey says:

    OMG! I love Sarah Silverman, i couldn’t believe it when i found out she was doing a stand up live in London, UK (which i have tickets for of course :P) everybody i speak to here in England haven’t herd of Sarah (shame on them!)
    I rely want to meet Sarah when she performs in London anybody have any info on how I can or any contact detail for me :)


  5. Maral says:

    Just a warning, I love Sarah and was sooo excited to see her show in San Francisco, but if you’ve already seen Jesus is Magic, there is absolutely no point in spending money to see this show. It is almost exactly the same as Jesus is Magic. All the jokes are from the movie! What a disappointment! Sarah, why are you on tour with no new material?! Bummer!! There should definitely have been a caveat with the ticket purchase…

  6. martin says:

    I was so excited…. but if Maral is right then there isnt muh point. im gutted :-(

  7. K says:

    What’s the point? To give out a DVD and then go to a tour with these jokes, she’s not a singer. In stand up comedy it goes other sides.
    omgd I’m losing my love for her :(

  8. Nick says:

    Sarah has talent but has bought into the modern concept of quantity over quality. too much time spent working for the tv. bad form. she is lucky to have skill but does not make the most of it. too many cheap sitcom style jokes sarah. i think you are probably very funny in real life.

  9. mlh says:

    Responding to Marel’s & K’s comments about “new” material –
    Like many comics whose careers span many years, SOME of the jokes/routines Sarah uses in her “Jesus is Magic” movie I recognize from her routines going back 10 years or more. She may re-interpret or re-hash jokes/routines, putting a new spin on a well-known joke she did publicly a decade (or more) ago. I personally don’t view this as a negative.

    I still find Sarah extremely funny after seeing her on TV for the first time 14 years ago on “Saturday Night Live” & then “Dr. Katz Professional Therapist.” I ROTFLOL every time I see her “Jesus is Magic” movie (watching it on Sundance Channel right now), and would love to see her act in person, even if it was JUST her performing her act based on the movie etc.

    Although I’m not a huge fan of her recent tv series, I’m still drawn to it for her irreverent & un-apologetic take on comedy.

  10. martin says:

    ok, so do I go or not? I love her, but i live in Scotland and I would kill to see her in London…but I dont think i could go all the way there if its just a rehash of Jesus is magic. Convince me people. yes or no?

  11. David says:

    Please come to Glasgow, Scotland!!! London is too far for one night!

  12. spike says:

    i really want to see the show on sunday but it’s quite alot of cash, especially as christ knows how many times i’ve watched jesus is magic now.
    oh, what to do? what to do?

  13. Ashley Godfrey says:

    Ye 45 pounds might sound a lot n ye ive watched jesus is magic over n over as well, but how often if ever again is Sarah going to be performing in the UK. hope this helps make up ur mind.

  14. Mary says:

    …I saw just her short show in London and I must say: She has missed to deliver! The show should start at 7.30 but because of a “technical problem” we were not allowed to get inside of the theatre till 8.00. She started at 8.35 and at 9.25 the show was over. To much money for that show! I am really sorry to say that, but she has missed to do a great show for her clients! Do your homework Sarah!!

  15. Amran says:

    Got to agree with Mary.

    I enjoyed the show but having paid £48 (with booking fee) for less than an hour I felt cheated.

    Most of the audience around me seemed stunned that the show was that short. She did not even seem to want to come on for an encore and when she did she made it clear she had no additional material to draw on.

    Great to see you in London Sarah, but not at that price and for so short a set.

  16. Ashley Godfrey says:

    Have just seen Sarah Silverman live tonight in London. The comedy was good a little bit of new material, not much though. The show itself started over an hour late and lasted for only 40 minutes! Having paid 44 pounds ($88) a ticket for such a short performance i feel ripped off. When Sarah did go off stage and was called back by the audience Sarah clearly had no backup material and instead had a Q&A with the audience for about 10 minutes (weird). After the show I, along with a few other fans awaited for an autograph from Sarah, we waited an hour in the cold before her telling us she would be right down, which half an hour later she wasn’t. :( I think Sarah needs to seriously rethink her show and consider her fans more, I guess what I’m tring to say is that I was a huge Sarah Silverman fan (don’t get me wrong I am still a fan) but after tonight i have lost a great deal of respect for her :( :( :(

  17. g.graham says:

    I really enjoyed the show and think Sarah is great. Just a shame it was so short and lots of the gags are from the video. Love watching Sarah on tv but not sure if i’d go to a live show again. Not sure i like live comedy. Actually not sure i like people.

  18. Mad Dog says:

    Major disappointment. A lot of the material was 3 years old . She is in no way a stand up comic. There was no spontaneity at all and she seemed lost and unfocussed. The set was way too short and the tickets very expensive. The Q & A with the audience was excruciating and unfunny. The idea that she had no other material was galling and exposed her as someone lost outside of the TV environment, which is fine, but not at those ticket prices. Never again

  19. John says:

    London (October 19, 2008)
    Oh dear. Everyone wanted this to be so great but Silverman seemed to be off her stride from the first. Perhaps she was nervous. It probably didn’t help that her support act, Steve Agee, was ill and couldn’t make it to London other than via an allegedly live-by-satellite link that lasted barely few minutes.
    Yes, she was quite funny. Yes, some of the gags were clever. But it didn’t build to anything. She didn’t seem able to sustain the laughter and merely moved from one joke to the next. Her delivery was far from fluid, which didn’t encourage the audience to relax.
    The audience was willing to laugh with her. It was by no means ‘a tough crowd’. But the laughs were mostly chuckles, the belly laughs were few. It felt like she was warming up. And then she was off.
    It was clear that Silverman is no good at ad-libbing. This had already been evident on her English TV appearances to publicise the show. Called back to the stage by a bewildered audience who did not understand that when she had said ‘Good night’ after some 45 minutes, she’d actually meant it, she had nothing to say. ‘I shot my load’ she confessed. An audience member suggested she do some of her better known songs, she responded that she didn’t know the chords. She tried a song but it turned out she didn’t know the words either. It seems she must rehearse everything first and she does not appear to have a stock of material that she can just run with at any time. It was all rather uncomfortable and after a few minutes of the ‘encore’ she wisely slunk off.
    I won’t give up on Sarah Silverman – I still think there is a lot of talent there. But either something went radically wrong ahead of yesterday evening’s show or she was seriously underprepared for a solo show at a venue of this size and an audience paying over a $100 (by the time booking fees and travel costs are factored in) for the privilege of seeing her.
    Come back soon Sarah, your English fans wish you the best, but do a little bit more prep first next time please?

  20. Emmanuel says:

    Well i was there too and i was not largley dissapointed. I thougt it was hilarious but a tiny bit of a shame she didnt relise that its english tradition to do an encoure. Other then that she was GREAT. I couldn’t stop laughing. But it was like shitting on a cake when she came on for the encoure. One saggy breated 50 year old sheaiked ‘prices are way too steep and i have been let down’. I have never really wanted to rip someones saggy fer jay jay off before her. Its just out of respect you dont do things like that but jokes on her, “shes gunna die soon”. 😉

    Yeah so anyway. vvvvvvvvv funy but the encoure was PAINFUL. I didnt acturally relise it was that shrot. That really i short but i still dont regret paying the money i did.

    Money well spent.

    p.s. please come back to england again Sarah you AMAZING.

  21. Dave says:

    Love you Sarah, and thanks for the autograph and photo! Hope you like the hat!

  22. Brett says:

    All of your material that I ever laughed at was recycled from your husbands more successful career. You aren’t funny, your jokes are more stale than my sex life, and almost more embarrassing.

  23. Emmanuel says:

    Well being as bitter as that. No wonder you have a sale sex life.

  24. Sarah Sherman says:

    I bought two tickets for Sarah’s show on the morning of the 19th, and felt very lucky that there were still some available, despite her performance on Jonathan Ross (which I actually thought was quite funny) and the write ups in the Observer, The Guardian and the Independent. Later that day, my brother phoned me from America with the terrible news that my father had died. I thought of giving the tickets away, then I remembered that nothing made my father laugh harder in life than edgy, ironic Jewish humour. He was a huge fan of politically incorrect Mel Brooks movies and comedians like Milton Berl and Woody Allen. I decided that keeping my date with Sarah was a fitting way to remember my father. How wrong I would turn out to be. Luckily, I didn’t go into the Apollo at 6.30 and get trapped in the grim, hot, overpriced bar waiting until 8.30 for the performance to begin sans warm up act. The two guys from the Mighty Boosh, who stood in for the unfunnny warm up guy who apologised by video link, fell completely flat and the promotional video that followed was totally unfunny, commercial and inappropriate. But the worst was Sarah’s performance. I had heard most of her jokes in the promotional interviews in the weeks before the show. The first times they were funny because they sounded unrehearsed and quirky, but when you hear them again and know exactly what’s coming it is a total anticlimax. It’s possible to repeat a manic sketch, like Monty Python’s ‘Dead Parrot’ ad infinitum, because the delivery style itself is funny, but the rule does not hold true for jokes that are delivered languidly, even vaguely and made to sound ‘ad lib’. Secondly, jokes about starving babies in Africa with flys swarming around them and distended stomachs are just not funny at all. I love un-PC humour (Chris Rock’s, for example) that pokes fun at people who take themselves too seriously or deserve a roasting regardless of their racial or religious affiliations. But the idea of spending £50 a head to sit smugly in a West London venue and laugh at people who are starving and physically suffering beyond our comprehension is vulgar and cruel. I didn’t get through the 45 minute shamble of a performance because I and my husband walked out before it was over. I am currently trying to obtain a refund from the promoters and if successful, I will donate the proceeds to a children’s charity in Africa. Dad, if you were watching, I’m very very sorry to have put you through that. Next time we’ll go see Peter Kay.

  25. Paul Mitchell says:

    I contacted the Hammersmith Apollo to complain and ask for my money back. Their one-line reply was this:
    ‘You should contact about a refund’. No apology, no explanation, just that. So I have emailed them now. If you feel as disappointed and ripped off as I do, I suggest you do the same.

  26. Ashley Godfrey says:

    I also contacted the Hammersmith Apollo about a refund and they gave me the same response. I agree anyone who feels ripped off, complain.

  27. Laura says:

    What an absolute con. Shame on you Sarah – we all paid a lot of money to come see and support you and after two hours waiting you walk off after 40 minutes? You’ve made no friends here in London, please don’t come back.

  28. Dave says:

    Speak for your self Laura, Sarah you come back and we’ll make you some nice biscuits (What the Brits call cookies) and have a brit biscuit party!

    Poo head Laura!

    Love ya

  29. David says:

    What was I thinking? Silverman has built a career on being offensive. I just didn’t realise it meant offensive to the audience. I was one of the unlucky 3000. Look, I’ve seen comedians die on stage before, many times, but rarely is it suicide. Sarah made some really bad choices, especially concerning her reaction to the audience who had paid a lot (tickets x 2 + babysitter + travel = nearly £200, that’s $300+) of money for something that wasn’t fit for purpose. If you bought a big cream cake and got it home to find it was actually hollow inside, how would you feel?

  30. Davido (a different one) says:

    I was there too – arriving super excited, but leaving feeling let down.

    Sarah – How about you publish a message to your fans who were there on Sunday night? I think it would help.

  31. Sarah Sherman says:

    Since Live Nation showed absolutely no interest in the fact that thousands of fans were let down and fleeced by this performance, I am now planning to contact the Office of Fair Trading and write to the consumer reporters of the national newspapers. I suggest others do the same.

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