About Sarah’s emcee gig at Manifest Hope 8/27/08

Here’s what one attendee had to say about the event Sarah helped introduce at the Manifest Hope Exhibition August 27 during the Democratic National Convention:

I have no idea how to sum up how amazing these two random days in Denver were. I flew in via LA (thx Julian!), figured I’d crash with Danny for a day or two to check out the Obama-themed street-arty party in Danny’s gallery space (“Manifest Hope” gallery) and then maybe try to scam my way into Obama’s keynote? The gallery was unbelievable, which turned into a block party Wed night with Cold War Kids + Clap Your Hands + Silversun Pickups + Z-Trip which turned into an acoustic show with the aforementioned plus Johnny Deathcab / Postal Service and the girl from Small Wonder (??) all emceed by Sarah Silverman… which eventually turned into a No Data style dance party (hence the 1000 upskirt shots). I was up till 5am, slept two hours, biked over to the DNC (hobo bike!) to volunteer and ended up working the security line for 11 hours (!!) to earn my way in to see Obama’s speech. Just an amazing amazing weekend.

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