Roast of Bob Saget

The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget aired last night and Sarah sent in a video to roast a few of those attending. Sarah said she could not attend the event due to the hard time she’s been going through confessing “Right now, I just need to be around people who can make me laugh.” Watch the video below to hear a few of her other roast jokes:

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5 Responses to Roast of Bob Saget

  1. Flavia says:

    I wish Brazil had such a great comedian…
    Nice website :) always good to see this kind of humor on mondays

  2. shole says:

    there’s a tv-rip of the entire show on the internets
    going to skip this one and just watch it in context

  3. Jon says:

    Sarah is a phenomenal comedian! She is ahead of her time, and holds no hostages when it comes to humor!
    Ex: The Jimmy Kimmel bit is a classic for the ages !!!

  4. Diggy says:

    hmm…no Artie jokes. Must have been cut out because of his situation. But no Sarah, no Artie, no Tracey Morgan…who the hell DID they have on that shit show?

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