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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

…well she is on the set anyways. LAtimes.com posted some behind-the-scenes photos of The Sarah Silverman Program Season 2 Part B which will begin airing episodes in October. Episodes featured are from “Fetus Don’t Fail Me Now” and “I Thought My Dad was Dead but Turns Out He’s Not.”

8 Responses to “Sarah Silverman is Pregnant!”


adorable! :)

Is that real? I asumed she doesn’t want babyes :S

its for the show

With everything that happened with Doug, and God, and Country Clubs; this character is back unlocking a “facts of life” groove. I’m surprised!
Real foxy looking woman here, with child;
Team SSP and friends deliver so well.

they really do :) well if it delivers anything like her ‘birds and bees’ speech, its sure to be hirrarious! XD

if its true, than the baby will pay off for her last year vma performance!!

what comes aroound goes around..

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