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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

The Sarah Silverman Program panel was at Comic-Con in San Diego last Saturday.  Patton Oswalt moderated the panel and had fun roasting some of the audience members during the Q&A session.   Below is a NC-17 rated video of a story that Sarah told during the panel discussion.

*Photo courtesy of CootieBanini; Video courtesy of Hands in the Air.

9 Responses to “The SSP Panel at Comic-Con”

Was I the only one aroused??

No. Definitely not.

ohhh no.. ahha “with locked eye contact” ahhah

so stupid, don’t bring your kids to the ssp if you don’t want them to hear outragous dirty unpredictable humor, well you can predict it will happen. sorry kids, people swear in real life too not just on your television set.

She’s so cute!

iFanboy has a brief word with Brian Posehn at the San Diego Comic-Con

Sarah is the balls!!! She could say and do anything and still be perfect -too bad shes straight lol

She is super cute; most definitely in my top three. The way she is talking about comics here, really caught my attention.

Sarah, you’re adorable. I wish I could kiss you! With tongue!!! :-)

Besides a little girl dressed as Sailor Mars who got up and asked Sarah a question, I was the only one in the audience to get an autograph as she was running off stage!

ME: “Sarah! Sarah! Will you sign my Cookie Party t-shirt?!”
SARAH: *runs over and grabs my Sharpie* “They’re gonna kill me for doing this.”
ME: “I won’t let them!”

Does anyone know why they didn’t want to actors and writers to give autographs at Comic-Con?

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