The 2008 Emmy Nomination List

The 2008 Official Emmy Nomination List has arrived!  Sarah was nominated in three categories:

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series
Monk • USA • NBC Universal Television Studios in association with Mandeville Films and Touchstone Television
Sarah Silverman as Marci Maven
Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics
Jimmy Kimmel Live • Song: ‘I’m F***ing Matt Damon’ • ABC • Jackhole Industries in association with ABC Studios
Sarah Silverman, Writer/Composer
Tony Baubirei, Writer/Composer
Wayne McClaucey, Writer/Composer
Sal Lacono, Writer/Composer
Dan Warner, Writer/Composer
Outstanding Special Class – Short-format Live-action Entertainment Programs
Sarah Silverman Program Nugget • • The Valley Pals in association with Comedy Central
Dan Sterling, Executive Producer
Sarah Silverman, Executive Producer
Heidi Herzon, Executive Producer
Rob Schrab, Executive Producer
Vatche Panos, Producer
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17 Responses to The 2008 Emmy Nomination List

  1. James says:

    wow now i want to watch them! never though that would happen

  2. Anne Stapleton says:


    I hope you win ALL THREE!!!!

  3. waw says:

    Best wishes with this and with everything.
    We, your fans, love you, and you’re in our hearts. All the best to you.

  4. zach says:

    Oh I so called that she was going to be nominated for “I’m F*cking matt damon”!! I hope she wins!

  5. lol_wtf_bitch says:

    OMG YAY!

  6. DjT says:

    Three emmy nominations, holy posies! Sarah is going to need a picic basket.

  7. Jay says:

    Sarah has a wonderfully funny brain and we love her engaging nastiness! She’s the most inventive, most outrageous, and definitely the most attractive comedian in YEARS. I’m glad she’s not held back by people who want her censored. We really need her.

  8. Martha says:

    You’re so great you’re so great you’re so great….lol.

  9. Maria says:

    Yay!! That’s awesome =)

  10. lol_wtf_bitch says:

    Sarah is the blackest Jew I know.

  11. lol_boo_hoo says:

    Cry some more.

  12. lol_boo_hoo says:

    p.s. Sarah is totally going to win in all categories! 😀

  13. lol_wtf_bitch says:

    Yes, she will win in all categories!

  14. alexis says:

    She is a comedy genius!! Love her stuff!!

  15. lol_wtf_loser says:

    She is the greatest comedienne of our time.

  16. Semonious, RF says:

    In the Portland, OR. area on Dish Network, It is being shown at 5 PM on “E” Had to hunt to find it, But She is worth the work! Good Luck, And I hope she gets all three.

  17. SSO says:

    Sarah won for “I’m F–king Matt Damon!!!

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