Emmy Buzz

Sarah Silverman is on the Emmy list for the Top 10 semi-finalists for Best Comedy Actress for her lead performance on “The Sarah Silverman Program.”  If she is nominated it will be the first time Comedy Central is represented in this category.  Other potential nominees are Christina Applegate from “Samantha Who,” Marcia Cross from “Desperate Housewives,” America Ferrera from “Ugly Betty,” Tina Fey from “30 Rock,” Felicity Huffman from “Desperate Housewives,” Eva Longoria Parker from “Desperate Housewives,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus from “New Adventures of Old Christine,” and Mary-Louise Parker from “Weeds.”  As previously mentioned, she is also being considered for an Emmy for her appearance on Monk last year.   Stay tuned for Emmy nomination results!

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3 Responses to Emmy Buzz

  1. Ookie says:

    You go girl! I know you’ll win. The cream always rises to the top… but then, so does doodie. 😉 Well, good luck, either way.

  2. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    I sure hope you win, sugar lips! :)

  3. Stephen says:

    About bloody time! She has the most hilarious show on tv!

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