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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Here is an older, yet hilarious video with Sarah on VH1’s “Late World with Zach” on the topic of vaginal rejuvination.

12 Responses to “Vaginal Rejuvination”

I wonder if they give group discounts. What a perfect activity for a girls night out!

LOL, Jesi!

Is that guy for real? Either way, it’s hilarious.


how is she so awesome!

I do wonder frequently how shes so awsome, i bet its some judeic secret lol

Wonder if she gets a free back shave and deviated septom repair?

Yah Sarah do it for you
and noone els.

Is that guy a real surgeon??? An MD, even? That would be surprising, although they are in L.A., I think. She should have asked how much it costs. I don’t see how it can be real if they can do 4 in one day. This procedure would have to be complicated enough, so doing 4/day would be impossible. So while it was a funny bit, I think the whole thing is bunk. Sarah still rules.

it’s spelled rejuvenation

The guy is totally for real. I have seem him on legitimate documentaries. He’s an asshole, but I have to admire his attempt to get to see Sarah’s vagina. God, I wish I could see her vagina. It smells like lavender, you know.

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