Sarah Silverman Nominated for Emmy?

This just in! Sarah Silverman is up for Emmy consideration for her appearance on Monk as psycho-stalker Marci Maven, which aired last year. I will keep you posted!

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9 Responses to Sarah Silverman Nominated for Emmy?

  1. shole says:

    but not for her own show?
    that’s silly

  2. Wayne says:

    Well it’s not unique when you’re psycho every episode. 😉

  3. waw says:

    Congrats Sarah! We’re rooting for ya!
    Your performance was brilliant, of course!

  4. waw says:

    Congrats Sarah! Good luck, hope you win!
    Loved you as Marci!

  5. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    OMG Finally a reason to watch the Emmy’s!

  6. Ookie says:

    Great! I love her show, but sometimes I want to see Sarah in more roles that are a bit more grounded in reality. (“Monk”, “Someone to Eat Cheese With”, etc.)

  7. Vic says:

    AWSOME!!!!!!!! gawd, i’ve been outta the loop for awhile with everything BIG SS. well, happily there going to have 2nd season back on tracks now ^_^ also, will be rocking ‘cookie party t-shirt’ while watching Emm’s!

  8. Liza says:

    I love you Marci, by the way, what’s your website addy on Monk?


    Your biggest fan!


  9. Joe Comic says:

    I will be searching for that Monk episode…….

    We love you in Florida……… Please come here!!!


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