New Comedy Central DVD

Comedy Central released a new DVD today titled Home Grown, a collection of Comedy Central episodes with drug-related themes. The first episode is “Face Wars” from the Sarah Silverman Program (the blackface episode with the Steve/Brian marijuana subplot). This is the first time one of the second season episodes from SSP has been released on DVD. Episodes from Reno 911, Strangers with Candy, Chapelle’s Show, Crank Yankers, and many others are also featured on this DVD. Click here for a full review. Click here to purchase.

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18 Responses to New Comedy Central DVD

  1. Mom says:

    Who the hell are they trying to market this to? Druggies? To watch while they are high or something? This is, by far, the most random compilation of videos.

  2. Wayne says:

    Stupidest. Idea. Ever.

  3. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    OMG! Shut Up!
    Of course, they are marketing to druggies and we are GRATEFUL.
    You assholes don’t have to buy it.

  4. Wayne says:

    Wow, a black druggie, what a shock!

  5. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    OooO Sarcasm, you are very clever. OMG, I can be sarcastic too!
    How could you be a Sarah Silverman and be so critical about things.
    You’re one of those ppl who leave ppl more negative comments than positive comments.
    Personally, I think you SUCK…..dick, that is.

  6. Wayne says:

    I think smoking all that crack has given you the intellectual capability of a kid with Down’s syndrome. Watching you try to make a comeback is like watching a quadriplegia try to walk.

  7. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    I am so black and cracked out.
    I must have down syndrome.
    R u even a Big S fan?
    You’re such a douche!

    Do you know what trisomy 21 is?
    (Don’t google it, you tool?)

  8. Wayne says:

    I didn’t say you had Down syndrome. I said you had the intellectual capability of somebody that does have Down syndrome. Put down the crack pipe and learn to read, retard.

  9. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    WOW, you must be like 15 years old!
    Well I’m done.
    I guess I’m be the grown up and stop this.
    BYE! Have a nice life.

  10. Wayne says:

    Hooray, I win, you lose, time to have a Cookie Party!

  11. K says:

    Well hello, did you know that even if Sarah is allergic to alcohol she is smoking pot…

    Who is stupid now? Well, let’s think about it… hmm… 😀

    (look Super High Me stand-up documental where Sarah is for a few minutes too AND guess what, she’s smoking there, ow my fucking shiny ass)

  12. Ookie says:

    Don’t worry, Jelacia. We know blacks are not druggies. I mean, look at God. God is black…. um… You know what I mean.

  13. Wayne says:

    Okay then, blacks are desperate, pathetic stalkers. lol

  14. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    If I believed in God, I would imagine him as black…for fun.
    Wayne, PLEASE STOP!
    Are seriously this ignorant?

  15. James says:

    OMG this is gonna be freakin hilarious, who cares if druggies will buy it, Besides we have all had are times were we accidently act like a druggie and laugh at the stupidest things for hours on end?

  16. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:


  17. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    Thats weird…
    I didnt leave that last comment!

  18. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    That’s really weird, I didn’t leave either of those last two comments. 😐

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