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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Vote for Spike’s ‘Guys Choice’ Awards! Sarah Silverman Vs. Tina Fey for sexiest funny lady in Hollywood. Click below now to vote.

Sarah Silverman Vs. Tina Fey

Voting ends May 29th.

“Guys Choice” award show premieres Sunday, June 22 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT) only on Spike TV.

11 Responses to “Sarah Silverman Vs. Tina Fey”

No contest. Susan is hot!


Oops. Sarah is still hot.

I voted for Sarah because she is just too sexy and hilarious.
Tina Fey is brilliant and gorgeous also, though.

Could you please help me promite my Sarah fansite as well? I focus mainly on photos and such.


there is no contest Sarah is whey funnier and prettier than Tina Fey. Love You Sarah!

Sarah Silverman’s comedy has more balls, but Tina Fey is far more attractive.

NO WAY! Sarah is not as hot as Tina, Tina doesn’t need to try to push the envelope to be funny, she’s witty, she has class, and she’s beautiful, Sarah is just riding Jimmy Kimmel to get to where she is, plus she her facial skeletal structure is like a man’s.

sarah silverman has to be the hottest or one of the hottest women around

it’s like trying to choose between sweet and salty when you get an attack of the munchies at midnight. they’re both really appealing but both really different.

that sarah kid stops existing when compared to TINA!

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