Burma: It Can’t Wait

Sarah has decided to be a doctor in Burma. Well, not really BUT she did make this funny video to support a new campaign called Burma: It Can’t Wait that raises awareness of the atrocities that are currently happening in Burma. This video touches on their healthcare issue (or lack thereof):

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6 Responses to Burma: It Can’t Wait

  1. Kurt says:

    lol Shes totally awesome …
    Cant get enough of her !

  2. fbmj says:

    What the hell is Burma?

  3. Neil Benson says:


    Go to Burma, but come back. Even though I’m 63 I think I love you. Where were you when I went to Brooklyn college (1962-1966)? It would have been far out to have dated a woman more outrageous than I was.

    An admirer.

  4. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    she is so anonymously charitable AND beautiful!
    she’s electric!

  5. bestsariah says:

    Anyone know who the guy is?

  6. Max says:

    His name is Harris Wittels. He’s a writer on her show. He’s also had a few cameos on the show as well.

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