Vote for SSP!

‘The Sarah Silverman Program’ has been nominated for LOGO’s NewNowNext Award in the category of “Best Show You’re Not Watching.”

Vote for The Sarah Silverman Program!

The award ceremony will air June 7th @ 9pm on LOGO or catch it full stream on on Monday, June 9th. Let’s all vote to make sure that SSP wins!

UPDATE: The Sarah Silverman Program WON!!! Thanks to everyone who voted!

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7 Responses to Vote for SSP!

  1. MELINA says:


  2. Kurt says:

    I voted for the SSP !!
    All the best Sarah !!!

  3. Michael Clemente says:

    Love You Sarah your the greatest funniest and most beautiful women i have ever seen! Love you.

  4. HJR says:

    I think, SHE – I mean Sarah is the most adorable – no,not mistake – heavenly creature on this planet, she is uncomparable bautiful , sharp-tongued , funny and a Goddess like human being I`ve ever seen or heard of in
    my life.Baby Bel, suspenders, year book and all the other stuff. Thanks that SHE really exists, a wonderful mixture between Angel and little naughty devil. How much I`d like to be on Jimmy´s place…

  5. Allison says:

    when does the season pick back up again?

  6. Mike Axelberd says:

    Why is the link to I’m effing Matt Damon not available any longer. This is the funniest thing to ever hit the internet. If it has something to do with the subject matter then perhaps you should just require that people be 18 or older to view. I was going on line to show this video to my Aunt and Uncle who had never seen it. Let me know how this can be viewed so I can share this with others. By the way I’m 56 years of age.

  7. harris says:

    please please support this show. No one is showing any interest and its not fair.

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