Sarah on People’s ‘100 Most Beautiful’

People Magazine\'s 100 Most Beautiful

Sarah will be on People Magazine’s ‘100 Most Beautiful People’ 2008 issue that hits stands May 2. This is all we know for now. Stay tuned to find out what number she was given!

Update: She made #14! Read her interview with People here.

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32 Responses to Sarah on People’s ‘100 Most Beautiful’

  1. waw says:

    Number One, man, number one! IMO.

  2. claudio says:

    I love Sarah, she’s funny and beautiful.
    Congrats !!!!!! and lots of kisses

  3. SSO says:

    She made #14!

  4. Chad says:

    It’s about time, well over due.. Since I first saw her on Mr Show I’ve been wondering why a talented, sexy lady like herself wasn’t doing more movie and tv.. Finally she’s getting some of the recognition she deserves.

  5. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    OOOO I am SO happy!
    I love her and those other 13 better be SUPA-FINE!

  6. Ookie says:

    This Web site rocks! The “official” Comedy Central Sarah site hasn’t been updated for 2 months.

  7. m says:

    Congrats to Sarah! That’s awesome! I met a real douche a few weeks ago who disparaged Sarah to my face (that’s the end of him!), I find it so vindicating that she has been named on of People’s most beautiful people.

    She IS beautiful, inside and out!

    Go Big S!

  8. Nick says:

    Not really related to this, but I just bought and watched, “I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With” and Sarah was amazing in it! Everyone needs to see it!

  9. Michael Clemente says:

    hell yeah your number 1 in my book baby. Love You Sarah.

  10. DjT says:

    “Who knows if they’ll have my size!” she jokes. “I’m a size eight – that’s fat in the fashion world!”

    Unnofficial motion for the judges to have 14 be noted as the more curvy 8.

  11. moki says:

    She is hot!!

  12. I HATE Big Sicko says:

    She is a rasist asshole, with no personality, who isnt funny

  13. Nick says:

    To: I HATE Big Sicko, 1) You spelt ‘racist’ wrong. 2) There’s a big difference between being a ‘racist’ and being ‘racially aware’. Sarah doesn’t discriminate against which race she makes fun of! She includes everyone!

  14. moki says:

    Why is she only number 14? She should be higher! If she wanted someone to lick her feet and suck her toes I’d be first in line!

  15. Jelacia (I'm Black) says:

    How random, Moki!
    But I kinda understand…she is SMEXY as hell!

  16. Chuck says:

    Sarah is truly unique because she is like a living rubik’s cube that refuses to let the user (all of humanity) solve the puzzle that is her. Her high-octane and all too often misread/type A personality leaves half her audience, mainstream hollywood, and probably most of her peers bedazzled. Her comedic brilliance is clearly a self-intended message to her audience that life as we know it will not end if we all, at least a little more often, think, live, and laugh “outside the box.” The funniest thing about her is that she probably has “her act” together more than she even realizes. Now that’s someone special we all should root for!!!!

  17. illuminati says:

    i saw sarah at the porn awards…grinding her beautiful hips to a dp…

    she is sooooooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttttttttt!!

    threesome with her and fran drescher !!!

    yummy yumm yumm !!!


  18. moki says:

    I’d prefer one with her and Amy Winehouse!

  19. Mark says:

    It’s so wrong that someone as repulsive as Sarah Silverman could be considered beautiful by anybody. Please die already.

  20. marie says:

    love the pic

  21. kris says:

    hi im kris :)

  22. brian says:

    sarah ure cute baby

  23. Kaley says:

    omg she is so awesome <3

  24. horny balls says:

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  25. k j ravi shankar says:


  26. Pawson says:

    I have a beautiful, witty, sensuous intelligent girlfriend. Much like yourself. How can I unlock her wild erotic soul, she insists on being the painful introvert, and I appreciate it, but I am a big Italian extrovert and crave the sweaty mind numbing couplings that reduce us to heaving happiness.

  27. Max says:

    Sarah Silverman… Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women in Earth.

  28. bobby says:

    yah shes beautifull^_^

  29. Chips says:

    I typed in “beautiful” in google images and that pic of Sarah is the first that came up.

    What scam did she pull for that? lol

  30. i love her, she is so cute.

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