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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

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The crew of “The Sarah Silverman Program” went back to work this week to finish out the rest of the second season. They will be filming ten more episodes that will begin to air this October on Comedy Central. Steve Agee made two mini-interview videos about the filming:

7 Responses to “‘Sarah Silverman Program’ Continues Filming”


Nice! Stoked to see the show back in production. Can’t wait for some new episodes; I’ve worn all the other ones out, if ya catch my drift…Wakka. :(

When will the fuckin’ Comedy Central videos work for us in Canada again? This is a serious problem! All the vids just link to the Comedy Network site and a fantasm of nothing-ness…Anyone else have this problem???

Definitely super excited for the new episodes. Is this being called Season 3 or Season 2.5???

Sorry for any typos…way drinky.

Long Live th SSP!

Uh, “the SSP”

It’s still Season 2 but I like your “2.5″ better. haha

hell yeah i have been waiting for those episodes to come and Sarah i love you and every show you are in!

For Dr. Who geeks only:
SSP Producer/Director Rob Schrab co-starred on the “Lynchland: The Liam Lynch Podcast” 10/12/2006 episode. No Sarah references though.


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