Standup: Project ALS at Columbia

Click here for ticket info!

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8 Responses to Standup: Project ALS at Columbia

  1. Eva says:

    oohhh this makes me want to drive the 7 hours to NYC…

  2. HJR in Germany says:

    Oh Sarah, I can´t see the clips often enough. It´s really getting me crazy, and I never laughed that much in my life, whether it´s going on “his suspenders, almost funny..” or “the common goal” or “patological liers” or
    “the hockey fans” , and especially in other sketches which ar called “I love this cheese” or
    “I fxcked Matt Daemon” and all the other clips in which you,
    Sarah and Jimmy(your friend) tickle eachother.
    I really think, you – SARAH – are one of the greatest
    comedians in this time – at least for me. I really would
    like to see you here in Europe one time.I´d rather like
    to come over to see you live on any stage, but it seems to be almost – yes ,almost – impossible to me, but let´s wait and see.
    I really do adore you , You are a real Goddess of Comedy.
    Thanks, that YOU exist , thanks that YOU are such
    an extraordinary and wonderful person – at least for me.
    I really would love to get some DVD´s of you, but it
    seems to be almost impossible over here.Any idea ?
    With lots of passionate and kindest
    regards to the Goddess SARAH, who YOU are my morning and evening prayer for my soul.
    Yours very cordial HJR from Germany

  3. Michael Clemente says:

    Thats cool wish there was some way i could make it to NYC i would love to see you in person. and hope everything goes good for you. love you Sarah

  4. Ashley says:

    Wish i could go. Have fun!!

  5. DjT says:

    I visited the website and found my personal awareness of this illness had been raised immensely.
    I found the document I could best understand was a transcript I found on their site [color=blue](which I used an adobereader 7.0 to open and zoom in some on the font)[/color]
    Thank you so much.

  6. Di Bauden says:

    Thank you so much for doing this for Project ALS. I lost my mom to ALS and it’s a brutal damn disease. Jenifer Estess was my hero when I saw how much she and her sisters were doing for stem cell research and ALS. It broke my heart when she passed away.

    Donate to this organization, folks.

    You are a rock star, Sarah. Thank you, again.

  7. BEKA says:

    AHH I AM SO EXCITED! My dad is taking me to see you perform on Friday! WTF – it was his idea too! Can not wait! You are awesome.

  8. Jonathan Sobel says:

    I went, it was amazing! Sarah is a goddess. Her new material was great, and she made the old seem fresh!

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