‘Night of Too Many Stars’

Here is video of Sarah’s appearance at the ‘Night of Too Many Stars’ Autism Benefit which aired tonight on Comedy Central.

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20 Responses to ‘Night of Too Many Stars’

  1. HJR in Germany says:

    Wonderful, excellent, hilarious, I can´t find a real word. She´s just amazing. Heaven thanks that Sarah is
    reality.And also thanks to Chris who gives all those, who cannot watch the show on TV , the opportunity to
    see her performances immediately after the performance.
    Thanks to all of you , you gave me a wonderful start into the new week

  2. Max says:

    Amazing, camarade! Another succesful procedure!

  3. Greg says:

    I love her more than the white stuff in a zit!
    Now that the strike is over, when will they show new episodes of her series?

  4. Gina Lyons says:

    genius – Thank God for Sarah giving us so much laughter, and thanks for this website, its the best, im in london, i cant even get half of this without this site!! Gina Lyons – London.

  5. HJR in Germany says:

    Hi dear webmaster Chris,

    can you please,please do me a favour ? The sound volume
    of a.m. video is very, very low. Is it possible to raise it up a bit more. I found out that on Comedy Central it is much louder. I really would appreciate it.
    But if it´s not possible, I could go than to CC.
    Just for all you fans: I simply can´t get enough of this video, don´t remember , but I think I saw it already at
    least 30 times or so. Really, laughter is the best medicine, as she says. I only have one question : Is there anybody who knows what she said after her words “Look at this , so many Jews are here”…. and than she says twice something like “but do calm down” or so… Would be nice, if there were anybody to tell me.
    Wonderful, so we are at least two already from across the great sea.
    Gina, wouldn´t that be wonderful having our big SaSi
    lets say in London ?

  6. Jake says:

    She says “There are so many Jews here tonight…I could go nose-surfing.” The only thing she says twice afterwards is “back to topic. back to topic.”

  7. HJR in Germany says:

    Hi Jake, thanks so much. That´s exactly what I really couldn´t get.

  8. Diggy says:

    Can’t believe I forgot to watch that. Was probably very good. I am surprised they didn’t get Baby Gorilla on there. He does like every charity.

  9. david says:

    I love how she delivers the “whom I hook up with …” joke. It’s so thoughtfully and carefully performed.

  10. lauren says:

    Did you seriously delete my post??? The performance was horrible and offensive. But it makes sense that you would have fans that say things like – they like you better than the white stuff in a zit….water seeks its own level.
    You are a digrace to comics. I think you say Steve Martin is someone you admire??? You are not even CLOSE to being in the same league.

  11. waw says:

    Sarah Silverman is one of the greatest comics of all time. She is a master of her craft, a genius, and unbelievably multi-talented. She is innovative, subtle, and like the best comics, can peirce right to the heart of human foibles and hypocrisy. Her satirical insight can be devastating, yet it always comes across with a very humane sense of empathy for our shared foolishness. I think her humor is at the very highest level, where comedy meets philosophy. That’s why she does indeed rank with that other philosopher-comic, Steve Martin, and those few others who reach that stratosphere of excellence.

  12. waw says:

    …and even when she’s doing lighter, low-brow stuff, it’s so great to watch her masterful delivery, with her amazing acting skills and charisma on full display. And how about that singing!
    Yeah, you go, Sarah! Rock on…

  13. Michael Clemente says:

    Love You Sarah Your The Greatest!!!

  14. SSO says:

    Sorry about the site delays this week.

  15. Tim says:

    I really love Sarah but… this material is blatantly recycled. Most of these jokes were used in “Jesus Is Magic” and “The Sarah Silverman Program”, as well. Oh, well. It’s still good to see her alive. She was funny for a few seconds on American Idol. When is her show gonna start airing again? Fuck Lewis Black’s show.

  16. Greg says:

    To Lauren:

    As long as you think she’s thin. ;P

  17. Pamela says:

    Hey – I need to reach Sarah, Jon, Robert Smigel, or someone connected with the show on the 13th. WE are the real deal – we had the busy phone-banks, the giant-sized checks, the drumrolls, and of course, the TOTE board! We are one of the few remaining organizations that has a live Telethon for REAL, and ours, held the this past Saturday for ten hours (the 19th) raised funds for our new Autism Resource Center for Excellence (and a few other great programs of ours). We hit a record high with contributions of $232,388, but we’re still short about $80,000 to keep our Autism Center open. Who can I talk to about a donation from the Night of Too Many Stars, or have someone consider a separate fundraiser for us? We’re about 80 miles west of Chicago and have had a Telethon for 28 years! Please give me a call at 815-434-0857. Thanks!

  18. Leah says:

    yawwwn, I am so freakin tired, not of Sarah, but I started a new job & it sucks the life out of me. Cant wait to see new Episodes of SS Program. Wow can her bung-hole really sing or what, the other hole, the front hole, however was vocally off, maybe it needs some time to rest as well. haaa. Hope to see more Sarah videos in the new episodes. Some fresh new material. I would love to hear her improv more at her live appearances instead of hearing old material. OHHHH BOY, my boyfriend just came home with Dairy Queen Cookie Dough ice-cream, it is the best!! and to think, I used to get criticism for eating a log of cookie dough and here it is the most popular,yummy ice cream in the world, I should have invented it first. I think Sarah should have her own Ice Cream brand. Okay, Fans, answer this question…. IF SARAH HAD A BRAND OF ICE-CREAM, IT WOULD BE CALLED -_________BLANK?

  19. Greg says:

    Cookie Party(tm)Ice Cream?
    Or BabyBel cheese flavored ice cream?

    (I just Googled “BabyBel” to check the spelling and a picture of Sarah came up as the 3rd listing!)

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