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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Here is an article/interview with Sarah Silverman promoting her stand-up in British Columbia today.

Straight.com – “Don’t Call Her Potty Mouth”

26 Responses to “‘Don’t Call Her Potty Mouth’”

What makes people calling the most beautiful, intelligent and most sensitive woman, who is for me
Sarah Silverman, a “potty mouth” ??? Have those people ever thought of themselves , who they are ? Isn´t it
fantastic, how Sarahh Silverman makes everybody look
into a mirror and recognizing one´s own faults ?! Is
it that what makes people calling her “potty mouth”?
In my eyes, she really is one of the greatest comedians
in these our times. She gave me so much joy , and I never would like to miss her again. I only wish,I could
see her live on stage – that Queen of Beauty and Goddess
of Comedy.Sarah, please, be proud of who YOU are.I only
would have one wish : When will the world get the wonderful message of Sarah expecting a baby of both of you – Jimmy and YOU ? I could imagine that you were a
wonderful mother as you already showed it in your clip
of the “poop song” with that little girl in the tub.
Furtheron, how was the performance in Richmond BC ?
How much I would have loved to come over. Has anybody
fortunately recorded it ?

I saw Sarah last night, she was amazing. I was in the second row for the later show – there was a lot of drunks, allowing Sarah to digress and rip them apart! It was quite the show. The opening act wasn’t bad either…Anthony ______(can not remember last name)

Hi Benjamin, thanks a lot for your comment on Sarah´s performance last saturday night , and it made me sad not having had the chance to come over. So, I am dreaming further-more of seeing her live on stage.Can you please
tell me more details about the show, because you should know from my previous comment(s.a.), how much I love her , how
much I admire and adore her.She really is a Goddess of
Comedy and beside this, she is an uncomparable Person
of Spirit and Beauty , which really is unique. Surely
Jimmy Kimmel – her friend knows that.I think , SHE is
the absolute best creation of GOD – who- and wheresoever HE might be.
If there is any chance telling me more about this Goddess
Sarah Silverman , please, please do not hesitate of letting me know.I think , we are both into it, as SHE
was during the sketch “I love this cheese”…
Heaven thanks for this uncomparable creature od GOD AlMIGHTY, who created us all, and especially a person
I think, there could be peace on our planet, if there were more SARAH SILVERMAN´s in this inhuman bloody world and there were less George W.s ore Hitler´s. How about this: SARAH SILVERMAN for President of the US ???!!! Cleaning the world of all these bloody A..holes, who only want to make their own profits.
Thanks To SARAH, YOU are the President of a better world.


…. the things you say [HJR] are really creepy.

A restraining order appears to be in order…

what?! it’s true..

I was at the late show on Saturday night in Richmond as well (I’m the guy that yelled to the JackFM chick to show us her tits). Sarah’s stage presence was unbelievable! Her live show far surpassed any expectations I had, I now know why she’s the hottest comedian in the world right now.

Too bad we didn’t get to see SS in the casino after her show, had some wicked Bubba Kush to share with her.

en chile te ven tambien :D
happy eeh… wii

Take it easy, HJR!
Let´s be honest, she IS a potty mouth but of course her real fans know that she is also so much more.

No, ficklepickle SHE is not a potty mouth, may be a
very naughty mouth in some way ,but nevertheless a brilliant comedian and an uncomparable beautiful lady. Sure, all her fans know that she is soooo much more and if not a Goddess than at least somebody similar to a heavenly creature. And this combination do most of her real fans and friends
like so much on her – as far as I think.I think you also agree in this, don´t you ?!

eeh…yeah, sure, I agree. I´m gonna go build an altar for her right now.

Sarah’s appearing at the Troubadour in LA on the 19th. It’s a benefit for Hurricane Katrina – surprisingly there doesn’t appear to be much word out on this.

HJR :)))
Are you for real? You are just like these crazy fans, that black out and go insane when they saw their idols, about whom comics make fun of. And speaking about god and shit, you must be an idiot.

P.S! I just love that potty mouth, that’s why I’m into stand-up.

Lovely little article and once again I’m struck by how she manages to be simultaneously razor-sharp and completely ingenuous.
I hope she’s never lured into deconstructing her own humour the way everybody else seems to feel obliged to do (perhaps we need that to reassure us that it’s OK to laugh at such ‘off-colour’ material?)
The smartest, sexiest, funniest woman I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting – long may her logorrhoea continue.

Hi K from Finland, I think it´s better to go heaven as an idiot than going to hell as an philosopher, right ?
So I think , we both do love SaSi no matter whether she is potty or naughty ???!!! I surely won´t get insane, that´s for sure,I simply admire the way how she does her
comics, and that is excellent, right ?!

Heaven or hell, what’s the difference, these two exists only on the earth. But if you think that after death we go to one of them I choose living with philosophers than with idiots, what’s the pleasure live in nice place rounded by idiots, then it’s not heaven for me.

Hey K from Finland, I thinks it´s not even worth a joke whether idiots or philosophers… Believe what you want, heaven or hell, I don´t care at all. Maybe Sarah will perform a sketch about it or you. Wouldn´t that be nice?! So, enjoy as long as you are alive no matter if you are an idiot or philosopher or even something like got or shit. I only could say that I´m feeling pretty well, and that´s it , okay ?!


Heres a little song from Sarah her most awesome bad self would sing if she were here right now to HJR, hmmmmm “theres a hole in your butt where the doodie comes out and a hole in your face where your doodie comes out and if there wasn’t would we even need soap then?”
Sarah is Awesome, you should go to Israel for the 60th. I wonder how they would react to you? I’m sure some would throw stones & protest, but most would love you, if they could understand what your saying. I was just there, they dont speak english, duhhh. You just assume that everyone knows english, but when you travel, no one knows english, so do you talk slooowwwwerrrrr, or smile and nod, or point, or look up a word on Wikipedia?
Sarah Rules!! Good Luck, and dont break your leg! Love Leah, ;)

Hey Leah,thanks a lot for your moral teaching, but there is no need for that, and we ar not living in Israel nor in any other prude society. Sarah got the right to express all her thoughts the way she does, and
if you don´t like that, just switch to another medium, let´s say to fairy-tales. So enjoy your life with all the instruments you have available.
And one more serious question to you: Did you ever realize what men are singing about – on the net or anywhere else ? So,why should a beautiful lady like
SaSi hide ? Be proud that you are a wo-man as also Sarah is.And be sure, I surely won´t break my leg or anything else of my body. This is not an arrogance, but a normal
human behaviour and forthermore, I think life is too short than offending another person, but life without sometimes laughing about oneself is too sad either, whether man or woman.We all live one time only

How utterly arrogant of you to say that you won’t break your leg, HJR. And just what exactly are men singing about on the net? Do tell.

Thanks for your compliment little Big Sergius.Your statement only proves that you don´t know nothing about
what´s going on on the net. I´m very proud of being called an “utterly arrogant” by sweet little Big Serge, who wants to be the “Big Serge” . Why don´t you spend the time with checking the net instead of writing utterly stupid statements in a normal forum regarding comics and
especially one comedian whose name is Sarah Silverman, got it ???

Got it!

WTF? Last time I checked Internet, it was huge, I will never see all the corners.

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