The Biography Channel


The biography of Sarah Silverman will air on the Biography channel this Wednesday, March 26th at 10pm ET. Click here for a clip!

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14 Responses to The Biography Channel

  1. dphunkt says:

    ive always wanted to watch this channel, so now i will. true story.

  2. Mr. Zombi says:

    must put reminder on this!

  3. shole says:

    be sure to capture this for us who do not live there (or don’t have a good sense of time for tuning in on a linear media)

  4. Eva says:

    It’s things like this that make me kick myself for not having cable.

  5. Michael Clemente says:

    Sweet I will watch every second of it. Love You Sarah

  6. Manuel says:

    Biography Channel’s rating will surely boom!

  7. prndrl grrrmmph says:

    Let there be wine.

  8. K says:

    Hey, theres no more Sarah behind that click.

  9. clitty says:

    where the hell did this show go-I havent seen silvy in months

  10. Greg Schuck says:

    I got lucky… I was a Larry Sanders fan and caught Sarah’s meteor early. If everyone “got” Sarah, there would be no more wars… I’m not kidding. It makes me SO happy in my little life to be aware that SOMEONE else out there realizes that we’re all here to have a great time and get over ourselves. After watching her Bio just now, my overwhelming thought about Sarah is- Thank God she’s happy… life CAN be fair after all! THANK YOU JIMMY KIMMEL!!!… Please take good care of our Sarah!!!
    If you ever wake up wondering if you really are a brilliant genius, just go look in the mirror and see what the “enlightened” of us see… YOU ARE!.. And you make people you’ll never even meet VERY happy!
    Just love you Sarah,
    Greg in Dallas

    (Hey, this thing is just letting me ramble on and ramble on!)

    P.S. I’m in the early stages right now of putting Sarah’s face on the Statue Of Liberty… then things will be “right” with this country! “Give us your tired, your dim, your “huh-whats”, your- “See… it’s funny because…’s”. I also want Sarah’s face on the twenty dollar bill,but that will take time. She’ll be telling the “I could tell she had class because her pinky was extended” joke from the first time I saw her stand-up and totally lost my heart to her!

  11. waw says:

    Can I just say…WHAT HE SAID!
    Greg, you totally put it into words.
    Unfortunately, i was late finding out about Sarah, i’m a new fan, just got on board this year. But I feel the same way about Sarah, and it’s given me great joy ever since I first saw Jesus is Magic last summer on TV.

  12. Changedespair says:

    Will someone make a torrent? Please?


  13. HJR in Germany says:

    Hi Greg,
    yes , that´s exactly what I also already said in one of my mails. Sarah is a Queen of Beauty and a Goddess of
    Comedy.And there surely would be more peace in this world, if there were thousands or millions more SARAH´s as SHE is.But SHE is – heaven thanks – unique. Thank YOU, Jimmy !!!
    Therefore my recommendation is : Vote SARAH
    for President in the US , and Jimmy will look after the children than. Yes,this is also my wish, that Jimmy Kimmel will take good care of our beloved SARAH. It´s so beutiful seeing photos of both of them when being together.It´s really warming up my heart and mind, how much love and sensitivity towards eachother their eyes do express. One only could love both of them.Thanks that they both exist and that they are such a wonderful couple, hopefully for ever and ever and ever…

  14. Changedespair says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch this or download it on the web?

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