Vintage Sarah

Here is a younger Sarah doing some standup in 1992.

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  1. waw says:

    This video makes me wish I could have known about her twenty years ago and followed her career this whole time. She’s so great!
    She must have been –what? 18 or 19 in this video? It’s amazing how she’s just as lovely and charming today, and how she was already a good comedian then. Thanks for posting this clip!

  2. Princess says:


  3. Mark says:

    Ha, adorable and awesome. Anyone else agree that 80’s Big S looks a tad like Alexis Arquette? Maybe the lips?

    Ahh I love her anyway.

  4. Max says:

    She was as wonderful then as she is wonderful now.

  5. dphunkt says:

    ive had this in MP3 form for awhile. i thought i nabbed it up from the site, but i cant find it now. its great to put a picture to some of the physical bits, and overall (cause she was cute/hawt then too). thanks!

  6. marta meyers says:

    I can’t download the Vintage Sarah clip…..any other way to see it?


  7. James says:

    What year was this? Because in 1989 Sarah was only 19, so she would have to have been VERY young for this to be the 80’s. Methinks this is more like the 90’s particularly due to the clothes and hair on display…

  8. Michael Clemente says:

    Sarah you are as funny then as you are now.i love you and maybe its the whiskey talking but damn i would love to be with was great,love you Sarah

  9. Gleizer Oliveira (Brazil) says:

    Sarah is amazing! She’s intelligent, she’s got a look like a little mamboo boy. She’s a little wild, pretty and she’s so hot! Here in Brazil I’m watchin The Sarah Silverman Program. It’s so funny specially she starts to sing!

  10. James says:

    I knew this was not the 80’s 😉 I see u changed it.

  11. HJR in Germany says:

    This is the absolutely best comedy clip I´ve ever seen in my life.She really is uncomparaple. She is a Queen , no even more : She is a Goddess of Comedy, she was it then, when she performed this clip with just 22 years of
    age only(!!!!) , and she is even more nowadays.Heaven thanks that YOU exist, SARAH. I really adore you the whole way you are. How much I would like to see you live one time in my life,
    you and your friend Jimmy.
    RHJ from Europe

  12. prndrl grrrmmph says:

    do i have something to say?

    proudly, I do!

  13. evanna says:

    Wth ! ok when I first saw this video, I’m amazed to see that Sarah has the same old shirt my mom has O.o deja vu..LOL

  14. HJR in Germany says:

    Hi Evanna,
    did you realize, that tis standup is from 1992 ???
    So, who was first ?

    Do take care of your mom and just imagine, that
    Sarah Silverman was at that date with this shirt just
    22 years old. I think your mom surely will look as good
    as Sarah does, right ?

  15. HJR in Germany says:

    Hi Marta Meyers,
    in your e-mail of march 12th, you asked how to get the
    clip. It´s quite easy. Go to “You Tube”,get the clip ,
    but maybe that its listed there still under “Early Standup”, than click on “share” below the image, insert
    your e-mail address and send it to yourself, than you´ll get it immediately. Alright? Another
    new clip of her is also available with parts of season 1 and 2 .
    The clip is called “Sarah Sings” , really nice.
    Good luck.
    Another wonderful person also is to be find at “You Tube” – thanks to “YOU Tube”:
    The Queen of Jordan Queen Rania. I think when these two
    ladies or even Queens – Sarah and Rania – would rule the world, we really
    would have peace ! Women Power , get at it! Show us men,
    that you are the better part of creation.
    I really do believe in this eventhough I´m a man …

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