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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Here is the video Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck made to get back at Sarah Silverman for f—ing Matt Damon. You will find many celebrity cameos including Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Huey Lewis, Lance Bass, Don Cheadle, Josh Groban, McLovin, Macy Gray, Robin Williams, and Harrison Ford just to mention a few!

33 Responses to “Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck Video”

Fucking funny

You are just wonderful, I haven’t never been so big fan of some celebs but you two, Sarah and Jimmy, make me belive that there is even such thing called as perfect love :)))

revenge was magnificent

i wanna hear it uncensored the beeping is annoying

I think you got Mary J. Blige confused with Macy Gray, lol!

Left by Hiram on February 25th, 2008

I think you left out Joan Jett & Perry Farrell!

Where is the uncensored version?

I dunno Sarah it just don’t same to have to same zing and punch as i’m f#%&ing matt damon

That’s pretty f-ing funny!
I want the uncensored version!!!!

It was funny,but it wasn’t hilarious like sarah’s song. I bet Sarah didn’t even care if Jimmy is Fu**ing BEN,i think that when she watched it she laughed her ass off, and didn’t even get upset like Jimmy did, Sarah is just too cool, to be mad at something like that.

I loved it. I am so impressed he got so many celebs in it. If only all couples could be as funny and fun and Sarah and Jimmy!

UnF**ckin would be next on my list; to the tune of Nelly’s killen me softly.
Possibly a pop beat, into a lovers ballroom setting accompanied by an orchestra picking up the pop tune.

I NEEEEEEEEEEED the unbleeped version of the song RIGHT NOW!!!

I have 1 thing to say O MY GOD!!!!

That Jimmy’s a funny guy. Now we know what Sarah sees him in… er, I mean, what Sarah sees in him.

This is a fucking laugh riot. Although I would like to weigh in on the request for an unbleeped version, sorry its fucking annoying.

Can someone get me in with f@*#ing Brad Pitt??? ;-)

damn those beeps are pissing me off, give us the uncensored version, btw, ive voted on I’m F–king Matt Damon



[…] pwned!!11!! […]

Do it uncensored. Funny!! A side of Jimmy she never knew. Sarah you win though, lucky girl.

Although Jimmy’s video had more “star” appearances, I can NOT get Sarah’s video tune out of my head! I LOVE it!

Lets see how long they last….

Ya’ll know what’s nect…..the matt and ben video.lol

that was f-ing hilarious but uncensored would be a lot better.i still cannot believe she f-ed matt damon and not me! love you Sarah.

There is currently a copy-cat video making the rounds:


It’s way more realistic of what happens in Hollywood.

please, this video has to be uploaded uncensored and with better video/soound quality.. for my mp3

Oh, I loved both versions… I really liked Jimmy’s version because it was just romantic. But I really loved Sarah’s too–it was outrageous… Thanks to both you and Jimmy for keeping us all laughing.

how can i find a non-youtube quality video? with much better quality video and stereo sound

Josh Groban absolutely MADE this video………. pure genius!!!!!!

I want an uncensored version. Can someone find me an uncensored video of both, fuc#ing Matt and fu#king Ben.

please please please respond to jimmy’s video. he may trump you in celeb power, but you win for comedy and musicality. maybe a song about going to home depot with jennifer garner. i know you’re all in love and shit, but you gotta keep this going. don’t give him the last word.

you rock girl,my dad had japs shooting at them in ww2,my uncle had chinese shooting at him in korea, and I had nva & viet cong shooting at me in viet nam. they are gooks and Idon’t have any compassion for any of the bastards

Anyone know if this song or the other is available on MP3? I’d be happy to buy it on itunes, but they don’t seem to have it

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