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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

The DVD cover art has now been released for I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With which hits stores on April 15th. It is also now available for pre-order at Amazon.com.


15 Responses to “‘Cheese’ DVD Cover”

Ha, nice photoshop. Either way this movie will definitely be funny.

I saw the film. It wasn’t hilarious, but it’s always nice to watch Sarah. It’s like a bunch of comedians improvising a story together.

Holy shit!
Sarah looks like she is smuggling two baby elephants from Africa under her shirt. lol

I want to see this movie badly!…anyone care to buy it for me? :P

i cant wait to see it anything with you in it Sarah is worth watching love you!!!!!!!!

i saw some clips and i enjoyed them. you can find some on youtube.

also, isnt that the same picture of sarah that is on the ssp episode guide? oh well, i guess you get the movie for the move itself and not the movie art =]

Worth a watch, but if you are a Sarah Silverman fan, you may be disappointed. Her role was not as big as the previews led on, and other than Sarah, and Garlin, this film seems to be packed with uneven performances, and dialogue that is far from natural. There are some definite “laugh out loud” moments, but from start to finish, I never really felt at home with this film.

I managed to connect with some sleazebag, who has a copy of this and bought it.

it was okay. but if you get the whole “I HATE MY LIFE” comedy. then you’ll enjoy it. also the dvd is availble for rent at Blockbuster *as an exclusive. that’s how i saw the movie in my way ^_^

Just watching ‘Jesus is Magic’ and trying to figure a way to send a message to Sarah, but pretty impossible, since she is so almighty. Just wanted to comment, and this goes to any of the current ‘edgey’ comics out there today, oh, there is soooo many, what courage. What edge is there if you always go after the same ‘safe’ targets, like Jesus, 9/11 Americans who died that day, Corporate America, etc. Real courage, real edge, would be to go after anybody, anywhere, anytime, which certainly Sarah does not do. Example-go after Jesus, then go after any religion, including Islam. Go after America, show some balls Sarah, go after any country. Never happened, and what does that mean? So called edge does not exist. It all means squat!

Its at blockbuster i loved it and sarah was really pretty in it!

Sarah silverman is my rolemoddle!lol i’ve seen all of her moive’s and i’m only 12

Don’t see this movie. You won’t like it. See the middle and wonder what the rest was like! You will walk away with a much more fulfilling experience.

Eldon, I think you should probably realize that Jesus Is Magic is largely material from ’02 and before. Sarah’s standup too is often about performance. She may have the best facial expressions in the game. Judging by your comments though, I believe Doug Stanhope may be more your speed. Look him up.

does sarah silverman come out in the movie “Dazed and Confused”? Does anybody know.

hi, i’m gally, from argentina.
i watched this movie one time, in a travell and i can’t remeber the name… and, today i found and in this time, i’m so so so happy.
i’m a idiot, i know, but i love you sarah!

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