Standup: River Rock Casino in BC


Sarah will be at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, British Columbia on Mar 29th. Click here for ticket info.

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14 Responses to Standup: River Rock Casino in BC

  1. mave says:

    What’s the presale code for this?

  2. Jake says:

    She isn’t doing stand-up in this pic, she is doing lay-down! BWAHAHAHA!

  3. Igziabeher says:

    ^^thats not really funny.

  4. Michael Clemente says:

    hell yeah keep on going Sarah love you!!!

  5. Kaisa says:

    Will we see Sarah live in Europe?
    I live in Finland and can’t really afford tickets to USA and then to Fucking Las Vegas :S

  6. Jeremy says:

    This looks great. I hope I will be able to see Sara live sometime.

  7. Les says:

    Sarah, when are we going to see you in Eastern Canada,,,

    I live in Ottawa and would love to see you in stand up…your show is great and love your movie Jesus is Magic..Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal all venues would be great..

    Why not bring Chelsea Handler along and make it a party or do you two not talk !!


  8. Christine says:

    So you know, your show coincides with “Earth Hour” – the one hour movement to bring awareness to global warming by during which the City of Vancouver will be shutting down power. I’m hoping we can have the standup show by candlelight!

  9. JR says:

    I think , Sarah Silverman is the greatest Comedian of
    our days. She ´s a real Goddess.She´s unique the whole
    way she is , no matter whether her vag..a smells like a mountain breeze or what so ever….She everybody smashes the truth into his face. Thanks Sarah. I love you,Sarah,U are the only person in this bloody world to be respected.Why are there no more women in this bloody world like her to tell men, that not the man is
    the start of life , but the woman is, not the prick – no matter how big he might be – but the
    womb of the beloved woman, who creates life.Thanks to it, thanks to Sarah Silverman. She´s a Goddess, thanks that YOU do exist. Hope , women will realize theirduties of how to educate the little penisses will have to be used …
    Sarah, you are a creation of God Almighty, thanks that
    YOU exist.Thanks for all the clips and for YOUR own personality. I never want to miss YOU again in my entire
    life.I´m Christian, but YOU are one of the Saints to me
    whom I admire.

    Yours forever

    JR from Europe

  10. evanna says:

    oh my fcukin god i wanna GOOOOO TO HER SHOW! But its only for 19 and above >=( A friend of mine phoned me about Sarah doing a show which is a 10 minute drive away from where I am! Then I find out about the age limit. What a bunch of bull…I’ve got 3 more years to go till I fcukin reach that requirement. Talk about having your dreams crushed….sigh ='(

  11. Tammy says:

    Sarah, we are so looking forward to your show in “Ditchmond” BC. Read an interview with you in Maxim? You were misunderstood/misquoted regarding your love of Jimmy’s “boring old c**k” Hilarious! Love my husbands “boring old c**ck too. Women are cool but sleeping with them would be horrendously complicated…they’re so f**king bitchy! A song for you sung to the tune of “Wind Beneath My Wings”… Did you ever know that you’re my hero, you’re everything I wish I could be… (now all in one breath) I could fly higher than RobbyBensonhighonPCPjumpingoffanoverpassinthatABCAfter-schoolspecial,(breath) ’cause you are the wind beneath my skirt.”
    Fake L.A. air kisses…-TC

  12. Benjamin says:

    “So you know, your show coincides with “Earth Hour” – the one hour movement to bring awareness to global warming by during which the City of Vancouver will be shutting down power. I’m hoping we can have the standup show by candlelight!

    Left by Christine on March 14th, 2008”

    NOTE – Richmond, B.C. is not Vancouver B.C., they are separated by a river, thus, Sarah’s show did not infringe upon the so called “Earth Hour.”

    on another note,

    The show was fucking brilliant. I am SO happy Sarah came to Vancouver. It was such a shitty day, it was snowing/hailing/raining – so i wish it could have been nicer, i digress

    the show was great, as expected, Sarah is brilliant- I HOPE SHE COMES BACK!!!
    We could use more of her comedy in Vancouver.

  13. Matthew says:

    I was hoping someone on here knows the name of the comic who opened for Sarah in Vancouver in March.

  14. kevin edwards says:

    Re movie jesus is magic i bought the picture that hangs up in her apartment on the show, sarah sighned it and added keep on pooping. Think she is so funny but i wish she would come to kelowna b.c for a show.

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