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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Last night Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon gave Jimmy a big surprise for his 5th anniversary show of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the video below to see what their special surprise was to him.

You can watch the whole segment by clicking here:

Sarah Silverman on Jimmy Kimmel Part1
Sarah Silverman on Jimmy Kimmel Part2

94 Responses to “Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon’s Surprise”


aha- that was really funny.
Poor Jimmy, he gets pissed when people say Sarah is hot, now she’s fucking Matt Damon! snap..

{long, low whistle} That was…umm..something. Just wow.

f*&(ing hilarious. and can matt damon do anything wrong?

I missed Do[u]g in the video. Maybe the hotel didn’t allow pets?

“So that’s it. I think I was clear?” LMAO!

Sooooooo funny! And the song is great too, where can I get a full version of it uncensored??? You are the BEST, Sarah Silverman!!!!

Fuckin Brilliant Sarah! As always – you see that line and jump right the hell over it!!! Priceless and so happy to see Matt being such a good sport…hope Jimmy was too! :)

Ya, that was funny!

do you have the full episode/interview?

Hey Sarah – where’s the end of the line? I’d like to be one of your ex-boyfriends…you funny!!! And HOT

Please, please, please, please, please – post the unedited video.

This is funny as hell!

Made my day.

absolutely awesome!

Funniest thing on TV in years. Getting Matt Damon to make fun of playing Matt Damon (and look like a complete dork with a guitar!) was too much! Credit Damon for a great sense of humor — Silverman, you always make me laugh! Thanks!


brilliant :) if mtv was truly hip, this would be in constant rotation.

hopefully it will be included in the season 2 dvd set?

That totally made my evening, Matt is an excellent guitarist.

Where can I find the uncensored version?

So … I’m sitting next to Chris Russell (“Nipsy Russell” – KOKE in Seattle) in a bar in San Antonio, TX when he gets the email from Jimmy about the 5th anniversary show on his Blackberry. Not having seen Kimmels show in a while I decided to watch it just cause Chris was so jazzed about it. I’m glad I did! This was the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time! We had a great time at work the next day with … “she’s f**king Matt Damon”!!! lmao

i dont know if this bit could be nominatedfor an emmy ~ but it should.
very well done


do you have that clip without that bleeps?


The video was great and The look on Jimmy’s face after it was over up until the commercial was priceless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the man that dumbfounded before.

I love it!!

Where can i find mp3 version???

It’s like Jimmy Kimmel’s nightmare set to music! Sarah is funny and adorable as always. As lyrics from another song say:
“she’s gotta be the kind of girl that just blows your mind”
She boggles my mentations!
(o yeah…Matt Damon was good too).

I loved it!!!!!!!! Made me laugh all day!!!! Would also like to see it without the bleeps.

awsome!! i want too uncensored version, or mp3

Video doesn’t work. Not here, not on YouTube, not on ABC’s site, not anywhere. It’s a shame, that was an awesome video.

The fact that she has a knock-knock joke in this video, done as Rap, is a stroke of genius. But there are so many good little bits here…
Sarah, you’re electric!

Or did i mean ‘hip-hop’? I can never keep ‘em straight…I’m just old…
Anyway, great video…

Totally Unnecessary censorship classic; She was probably “phoning” him?
Duet: “On the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door, in the tub, in the car, up against the mini-bar.”

HEY! Im from mexico, and… I must confess; I didnt know who Sara was, but after this video, I became a SUPER FAN!!!!

Now I even know her biography…

Sorry for my english :)

Oh! And I love that couple, funny funny guys.

The funniest thing I have seen in a long time. The uncensored song needs released on i-tunes, I think you would have a number 1 single (certainly in the UK where radio 1 dj Scott Mills has been talking about it on his show).

Holy Shit! I knew nothing about this until I listened to Stern today and they had the uncensored! WOW!!!! HILARIOUS! Great that Matt Damon has such a huge sense of humor.

John!! link me please!!! crististreulea@gmail.com

AWESOME! please post uncensored version, PLEASE!

i love u Sarah

the clip is legendary

over 2 mil wiews on the youtube :)

I figured that for Jimmy’s 5th that Matt Damon would appear. What a great surprise!03109

please, uncensored version!

I downloaded the stern from feb 5th and they played the song, but it was censored… + stern was talking through the whole thing too.

Sarah is the funniest comedian today. The Sarah Silverman show is hilarious & this new video is no exception. Thanks for keeping me laughing!!

… during the writers strike(?) if so, im glad shes making the best of a bad/dutiful situation (and Matt should be commended for putting a face to my fantasies) ..did that come off as creepy? good.

Dude, now every is fucking matt damon, including my husband who can’t get the song outta his head. Looked at me on the couch the other day and said, “i’m fuckin’ matt damon!” AWESOME.

That was fuckin’ hilarious. And both Kimmel and Damon should consider themselves lucky.

Where can I buy the uncensored version of fucking Matt Damon?

Just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That video is so funny! I have seen it like 10 times and I laugh harder each time! I bet Jimmy got a kick out of that!

Absolutely brilliant comedy, something we’ve come to expect from Sarah.

Keep it up!

dear sarah (who actually doesnt read these),
i fucking love you! i almost forgive you for putting commercials in there.

Absolutely outstanding !!!

I love it really, but i don’t find a really good quality source for the video, even on the abc.com/kimmel website there is nothing to find.

Any hints of a good source?

Thanks in advance.

I’m in all right now, it’s just so damn funny. Sarah only you could think of doing something like that. Keep up the good work. Oh, now Jimmy is coming back with his video last night which I must say was a good come back…. I know you will not stop now. Again, keep up the good work and through this I think you will end up ironing this whole crazy thing out between Jim and Matt.


Funniest thing ever. I would love to see the unedited version without the beeps. The beeps get a little distracting.

knock knock
who’s that knocking at my door?

:D lol

Really great!
But, for your german fans… we can tolerate a version without the damned beep!

Greetings from Rodgau/Germany

Your video has been played on TV in France today, and I just love it !
It’s really good and we didn’t know Matt was so funny !

Paris, France

Careful Sarah, Jimmy may start fuckin Howard Stern next. The video was even better than you smelling Richard’s balls.

OMG! xD I just looove this song. Actually I love both (Jimmy’s song as well). Can’t you release an uncensored version? I would even pay for it xD They’re so great – they deserve it to be published! xD


Please?? *blink*

Ah yeah btw: Love and greets from Berlin, Germany!

I’m from Germany. We are used to hear the f*** word a thousand times in tv :) So it’s a little annoying to hear that “beep” all the time ;) First I have to say… Wow! That’s a great, funny gag!! It’s so much better than Kimmels answer (his trial of an revenge)… Who want’s to f*** Ben Affleck? :)

This question has been written a few times before, but I hope that there will be a answer soon…
I searched at stern-online… I searched at youtube… abc.com… everywhere… But I can’t find it…
Is there any way to get this video uncensored???

I read about this video in our tv-guide. I’ve never been on you tube before, but I wouldn’t have wanted to mis this!! The whole family (our son and daughter and us) are singing it the whole day,……with a big smile on our face! Thanks and Matt; what great sense of humor!
p.s. we also would love to see/hear the unbleept version

Sarah… I have no idea if you actually read any of these… but clearly now both you and Jimmy have to release the uneditted versions of these songs… they’re hysterical, but the bleeps are annoying… get your asses in gear and get it on itunes already while the fires still hot! Sheesh… something like this you really think your people would have better prepared for or haven’t they been introduced to the concept of merchandising?


Hi Sarah… it’s me! :-)))
great video… I love it so much and I can’t stop watching it! But there is one thing I would like to know… Is there an uncensored version? I have to repeat something, that someone already said… I’m from germany and we are used to hear the F-word.
Last but not least… I love your video much more than the video (revenge) from Kimmel.

Greetings from Cologne/Germany

my name is Tjorben, I’m 22 years old an from Germany. I really do like this song and would love to have it on my mp3 player, but the censorship is really annoying. So will there be an uncensored Version?

So keep going ^^

where matt damon likes it!!!!!!


This song is great!
BUT will we have the UNcensored version for all of us who would like to listen to it – without those annoying BEEPS?

Fuckin good! Please uncensored version!!!
From Hungary

The funniest musical skit I have seen on TV. I have dial-up service. I wish, wish, wish someone would sell me a video.

I understand why Matt would want to do this to Jimmy. But what did Jimmy do to you to deserve this kind of punishment? Don’t get me wrong it was freaking hilarious. But I thought you two were going to go the distance.By the way you should make a compilation CD with this song unedited and as the title. You’ll make a bundle.I can’t wait to see what you do next.

I read it in the German newspaper “Die Welt” and then I wanted to know more. And so I came here.


Thanx! D:

Heidelberg, Germany

Guess she really is fucking matt damon now!

“remember the time when we were playing online scrabble, i was really fucking matt damon”
HAHAH. wow. thats not how it goes but that is funny as hell :)

are they really fucking or is it a joke


i am from germany, and we are not used to censored stuff and annoying beeps…

is there an uncensored version available somewhere?

I just came on this site when you went to the keith olbermann show….the ad was funny….This is so freaking funny….
and you’re hot…my girl is mad at you because I said if i were to do a white girl, it would be you lol.

I dont care i wanna f*!k matt damon.

I can’t stand Olbermann! But you rock!! Great video with Matt Damon. Very funny.

Phoenix, Az.

Well done. Well done. Probably the funniest Sarah Silverman piece I’ve ever seen.

Love it love it love it… would love it more uncensored!!!

The video ONLY aired on Jimmy Kimmel Life on ABC and it was censored. There never was an uncensored version and you will never find an uncensored version. If you find an uncensored version, you have magic powers.

that’s bad. The song is great but the beeping of words is just idiotic. Everybody knows what words are used so why bother? It totally kills the song since you can’t listen to it with high volume without risking your hearing

let’s hope with obama comes more reason and especially less beeps into the hearts, brains and life of american people…

no offense! :)

so long…

i dont think the song was ever released
on cd it was just only made for the show
as a sketch and yes matt damon was funny
in the music video i saw it on youtube
last night and it was hillarious and
i’m sure that it is on one of her live
performance dvds and sarah silverman
rocks and do a movie version of her tv series would be nice though.

frankie smales

(sarah silverman fan)

. . . yup, I always knew that be-atch has
psycho tendencies! ! :}

Dear Jake, you are absolutely wrong, I have listen to it several times on youtube before they removed the uncensored version. I am really sorry for the U.S. Americans. I dont think that the word would hurt anybody…

“. . . yup, I always knew that be-atch has
psycho tendencies! ! :}

Left by LocoZuma on May 8th, 2009″

Thats what makes her so hot!

Greetings and Felicitations from Connecticut: Sorry, Sarah, but I’m boffing Matt Damon myself. What buns on the dude! Thanks for reading this, citib0y

“Welcome to Connecticut. Home of George W. Bush. We Apologize.”

[…] So, is Sarah Silverman the 21st century equivalent of the many excellent female Jewish comedians to have gone before her? Well, she got Obama elected President, her sister is a Rabbi and, lest we forget, she’s f*cking Matt Damon. Click here to see the video. […]

[…] But the Sarah Silverman video that launched her into the stratosphere was the infamous, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin song, I’m F*cking Matt Damon (click here to watch the video). […]

[…] Those ugly things might be why you’d resist a memoir by Silverman, whose claims to fame as a comedian and star of The Sarah Silverman Program include joking about Britney Spears’s kids, using racial epithets, wearing blackface, discussing bodily parts and actions, and, well, f*cking Matt Damon. […]

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